Peace is individual not collective

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Either you have it or you don't ,it doesn't matter where you live,what you have ,who or what are you .

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011




No peace in the World, unless inside of you.

“Peace is an individual thing:” said Mr Kabyemera a Pastor and Founder of Jesus Grace International Church, in one of his preaching.

It‘s not found in Europe, nor in America .Australians need it  as well as Americans. While third world countries think that immigrating abroad would be a safe and wise thing to do in life, they finally, find out that on this planet earth the same search for peace is constantly persued everywhere . However, everybody can experiment a peaceful life no matter where, provided that one trusts in God.  It’s not coming from Oriental or Occidental, North or South, but from above ;from God. That’s why the research has showed that famous people suffer more depression and stress than the “va-nu-pieds.  ”

Many people deceive themselves thinking that, being married, having a good job, driving a luxurious and nice car, living in a wonderful house, being blackish ,brownish ,reddish, yellowish, or white ;being skinny,tall,short, working out everyday ,things which are not bad ,can sufficiently provide durable and abiding  peace ,but never does .In contrast, there are substantial temptation of being suddenly frighten by either natural disaster, poverty, disease, famine, war, coup d’état, recession ,earth quake,flood,etc.

Depending and trusting on God is an important calling for all individuals despites their races. Divinely peace is never conditional, but, earthly peace is. The first is not temporary whereas the second always is and will be. One cannot fade, while the other can swiftly evaporate. If I were to choose, the first and the most lovable choice is divinely Peace. In fact, if you have the peace of God, you can enjoy your everyday life despite your conditions because something different is inside of you .The knowledge of the Truth, the light and Life. Jesus Christ is His Name. He is the Prince of Peace. How about you?  Do you want to hang yourself on the tree due to terminal illness and can’t take it anymore? Struggling with Suicide in mind? Needs of Drugs? No, No, No. Don’t.

Receive Jesus and live in peace.

Thank you.






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