Stop playing a sceptic game ,it is time to believe in yourself .

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As the person thinks in his or her heart so is he or she.

Submitted: September 22, 2011

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Submitted: September 22, 2011




Stop playing a sceptic game; it is time to believe in you. Proverbs 23:7

You have complained a lot, and many are the negatives confessions that you have continually made. Hence, your life is getting worse and worse. Don’t you know? Everything starts with your thinking? You will always become what you think you are, whereas negative thoughts will damage your future .You are constantly following where your thoughts go. Because, what you think is what you will talk about, and believe in .What you believe affects your attitudes, and your attitudes determine your behaviour. Your behaviour determines your destiny. Change how you see things and your thoughts will change and so will your attitudes be. If you see wrongly, you will think and speak wrongly, believe and react wrongly, and you will get wrong solutions.

If God has not called you failure, why rely on people’s opinion? If God has not yet stopped you, why weep and getting discouraged? Winners are not people who never fail, but they never quit! And quitters are never winners.

The sole reason you are mourning is because you see yourself the way Satan sees you. Satan is our enemy .He always compares our future to our past. Because he does not know our future. Only God know knows your future.

Not even your parents don’t. You see, no one has right to look you down.

When you will stop this negative game and start believing in you, you will figure out that you are not all you think you are. There are potentials in you.

Just stop comparing your life to others. Start building confidence in God and in yourself. It’s time to believe positively and speak it out. It is time to be your own prophet. Changing your mind will change your life.







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