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This is a fan based creepypasta character. Reader discretion advised.

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



So this female is named Celia, and she is 16. Celia has a mother, she went to school, and she seemed to have a good life.  she was born with a defect, her left hand had grown to be more of claws than a normal hand, though that hand functions normally. Thing is, school kids bullied her for her deformity. She ignored them for up until now, in 10th grade, when she is 16. The anger she had held back for multiple years had slipped. , her left hand is great for self-defense, hence, she had scratched the school bully. Celia had gotten in trouble for hurting another kid in the school, so she was suspended for three days. In those three days, she was locked up in her room, her mother tried to comfort her but was just shut out.

One night her mother- that was rather short, but was very nice and seemed very normal and average for a mother- went to walk to her room to tell her good night. But when she opened the door, she saw her daughter using her left hand to cut at her own wrist, causing blood to lightly leak out of the cuts across her wrist, tears ran down from her dark brown eyes, that with the lighting of the moon, seemed black.

The mother ended up taking her daughter to the hospital that was a little while and she ended up staying the night, a doctor working with a social worker talked to her about what had happened and why.

she and her mother were sent home for the time being. When they got home, the daughter walked in silence to her room to sleep. Her mother would make sure she got to her bed and tucked her in and said goodnight before leaving her room. The mother kept an eye on her daughter as the night went on, and the daughter slept.


All she could hear was the sound of static along with a low, raspy, voice.

"Do not fear me, child. I have always been here, I have witnessed the events in your life, now come to me... come to me and you can embrace yourself-"

The girl's eyes flew wide open, she rubbed them and yawned, she then heard her bedroom door open as she looked over to see her mother. The mother smiled sweetly at her.

"Good morning, how are you feeling, Celia?" Her mother asked.

"... okay..." Celia smiled a bit. "Is there any breakfast?"

"I did make you breakfast, but, it got cold." The mother moved to go to her daughter's bedside. "I can make you something to eat now though."

Celia grabbed her phone, reading the time. 1:46 PM. She then turned back to her mother. Celia noticed the bags under her eye's and frowned slightly. "No. Go rest for a while... I'll be fine.."

The mother shook her head. "I'm fine dear..."

Celia hesitantly nodded. "Alright, I guess I could eat.."

daughter's room. Celia got dressed a sports bra, jacket, some shorts. Celia went downstairs to see her mother went through the kitchen and got out cheese, bread and some soup. Celia smiled as she sat down, grilled cheese and tomato soup her favorite.

Her mother continued to make her daughter lunch while the living room T.V was on.

Soon enough, Celia got her food and eat slowly but happily. She listened to the T.V, the news was on. She listened a murder in another city.

A news reporter went on about the story. "A boy had gotten into a fight with three other children, he ended up getting and got set on fire by the ringleader of the three. He was sent the hospital, his face wrapped up by bandages, his little brother and mother both, are worried for him. The boy that was attacked was named Jeffrey Woods."

Celia didn't mind such, as she thought they probably made some of the details up. The girl rinsed her plate and bowl before going to her room to listen to music in peace.

Monday. The day she had to return to the hell named school. She had a hoodie, gloves, and jeans on, her hood would hide most of her facial appearance, and yet the students had known, she was her, the girl that had been deemed the dangerous girl.

A boy, who had a few scratches on his cheek approached another boy. Celia stopped in the distance and watched. She recognized the small boy the scarred bully approached, the boy's name was Toby Rogers. The bully along with his friends picked on him with exaggerated twitching and calling him 'Ticci Toby'. Celia had enough of the sight and stepped up.

said the bullies glanced over her, before just laughing and going back to picking on Toby. She walked up to one of them, removing the glove on her left hand, gripping the shoulder of the ringleader. "I said-" She was cut off, being shoved to the ground as the bully looked to her. "Don't touch me, you ugly bitch." Celia slowly got up, she started to hear it- static. Voices inside her head went on, telling her to kill the bully. "Kill him, Kill him, he doesn't deserve to live, don't hesitate, kill him, now!"

Celia was shaken from her thoughts and the static as the bully shoved her up against a locker.

Toby took the chance and escaped as he went to the office to try and get a ride home, his sister came and took him from school on account of being 'sick'.

defenseless, and she could not attack otherwise she'd get in more trouble, so she was beaten until all she could feel was a pain. The bell rung, the bullies quickly turned to sprint to their classes, leaving Celia to fall down to the ground, bruised and had a blood coming out of her nose. A teacher that had checked the halls to make sure the students were headed to their classes, saw Celia on the and got the nurse. Celia's mother was called, told about what had happened to her daughter. Her mother came and picked her up.

Since that event, she laid in her room in darkness and music played from her phone. Her mother had gained worry for her daughter, and so, she set up a therapist appointment. Celia didn't like the idea, but she just gave it a shot since her mother asked so desperately.

gone to a therapy building. There were two sets of doors before entering the lobby, a T.V played a movie, chairs around the room with a few kids here and there, in another area of the room, there was a second exit with a wooden door that would lead back to hallways as well as rooms, and there was a desk with two workers. Her mother went to the desk to tell one of the workers of Celia's appointment. They were told to sit down and wait. Soon came out a therapist that looked at Celia with a smile. The therapist was seemingly a nice lady light brown hair that went down to her chin, light blue eyes and had a casual outfit of a yellow jacket, blue shirt, some black pants. Celia got up and followed the therapist to her therapy room. The room had a shelf of toys, and a small couch with a chair. The therapist sat in her chair near her desk and table. She opened her laptop that was on her table and typed something in before looking at Celia, who had already sat down in a spot on the couch, very tense with worry and nervousness.

"Hello, I'm your therapist, my name is Carissa. What's your name?"

In a low, soft, whispering voice Celia responded. "... Celia..."

that's a really pretty name. Well, I'm just gonna explain how this works, okay?"

Celia nodded.

"So you get to come here, and freely speak about what goes on, what you're going through, whatever you want to talk about, you can trust me or untrust me at any time, and if you don't like me, you can always ask for someone else for your sessions. Then some rules that I have to follow. I have to make sure you're okay, keep reporting on you, and I can't tell anything you don't want me to say unless it is about you trying to harm yourself or others."

Celia listened in silence, but seeing Carissa had finished her explanation, the most part, she opened her mouth to speak. "I'm deformed... I'm a deformed human..." She said, still in a low and soft whispering voice. "I am a monster... I can harm people, without even meaning to..." She raised her left hand, removing the glove to show her deformed hand that looked more like boney claws.

hand but didn't show any fear or panic. "I see.."

Thirty minutes passed as Celia's therapy appointment ended, she was lead back to the lobby where her mother sat, patiently waiting.

Celia walked up to her mother, smiling lightly. "Can we go home now?"

Her mother got up and nodded. "Of course dear." The mother looked her therapist and whispered a thank you, the therapist nodded before returning back to her office.


week, she had gotten help from her therapist, Celia went back to school, and gained some self-confidence. Though one morning she heard the news of a recent car crash, only one of the two people in the car made it.

Celia turned off the news before going to the kitchen, where her mother would set down two plates. The plates had toast, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns. Celia sat down with her mother as they both ate. Celia got up and rinsed her plate before waving off and heading to school.

After so long of no sign of the bully, the boy approaches Celia. Celia furrows her brows, her hands going into fists from anger. The bully picked on her along with his buddies, shortly starting to push her and hit her. The thoughts returned."Kill them, Kill them all! If they can't be nice, then why should you?"

Celia lost control as she punched one of the bullies, and they fell back onto the ground, their nose bleeding. Celia started a low, creepy and continuous laugh as she used her left hand to scar all of them, they started to bleed and bruise, only when teachers stepped in and restrained both the bullies and her, she snapped out of it.

Celia had gotten her mother called to the school to talk to the principal about her. Celia sat in a chair outside the principal's office, with her hands on her face, she silently cried until she heard her mother step out, her mother patted her daughter back.

"Let's go home dear.." The mother said, sounding sweet and supporting.

Celia nodded, as she and her mother walked home. When they got home, Celia's mother went ahead to make dinner a bit early that night. Celia laid on the living room couch since her mother didn't want her out of sight. She watched the T.V in silence, zoning in and out of sleep. She only snapped awake when her mother called her name for the early dinner.

Celia got up, turning off the T.V and sat at the table, her mother showed a bowl of mac n cheese with mixed in. Another one of her few favorite dishes that always made her feel better. Celia slowly started eating, as did her mother.

When she was done, Celia went to her room and slept. Her mother had grown tired and had fallen asleep herself...

A light beamed out from the window's, the smell of smoke arose as did a scream.

Celia woke up and sat up, looking out her window, she saw the streets flooded with flames, she went out of her room to see part of her house had caught on fire already, she'd try to find her mother, running to her mother's room to see it had already collapsed. "Mother? Mother! Mother where'd you go?!" She shouted but got no response, the house shook as the fire bubbled with small explosions. Celia would quickly get clothes and her phone before sprinting out of her house and headed away from the fire that had slowly consumed the town. She ran into the forest area that had always been around her town. She got changed and checked the time with her phone. 3:15 PM.

Celia wandered the cold forest for a while, before tripping over a stick, causing her to fall down. Her palm, arm as well as her leg got the most pain and damage from the fall. She saw a bit of bleeding from her leg, so she crawled to a tree, she curled up and cried, tears streaming down her eyes. She looked up after hearing giggles and voices echoing in the distance. She slowly stood up, tears still streaming down her face as figures slowly came out into the moonlight. There was a little girl in a dress, holding a bear tightly in her arms as she tilted her head slightly, the little girls green eyes curiously looked over Celia.

"She's just another human, we should kill her!" A man with long hair said, his skin looked like rubber and eye's had signs of burn marks around them as she saw no eyelids, she noticed the scar along his face, scars that made him look like he was smiling.

"I don't know, she seems pretty tough, minus that crying. She could be useful.." saidCelia at her, noticing first that she had a ticking clock in her eye socket. Celia moved, her back up against the tree as she slowly reached for her phone, ready to call for help.

. I-I don't t-think k-killing her would be a g-good idea..." Celia looked who spoke now, a boy that had goggles hiding his eyes, a mask hiding most of his facial details, a hoodie hiding most of his upper body. The most noticeable detail the two ax's at his side.

There were three silent ones, one had on a mask as the other's face was hidden by a hoodie. The third one had a mask, but of a different design and color, as well as there was black liquid coming down the eyes of the mask. Suddenly another one popped up beside her, grabbing her hand and taking her phone away, breaking it before she could do anything.

"She doesn't seem that strong to me~ Maybe we could just cut her open and have a little fun"

This one was very tall, his features had long arms, and seemed like the depressed version of Pennywise, with a long cone nose.

Celia instantly kicked the one that grabbed her- the clown- and sent him stumbling a few feet back, and he let go of her.

A static noise hushed all their talking as Celia looked towards the cause. The tallest of them all. It had tentacles wiggling from its back, its face had no details. Celia heard of him, Slenderman, but.. he was just supposed to be apart of legends to scare children to stay home! Right?

Slenderman slowly approached her as he moved his hand to make her look up at him.

child... None of the others shall harm you in .. as long as you answer this one question..."

The others stood and watched in silence and almost in anticipation.

"What's your name?" Slenderman asked.

"I-I'm Ce-" She paused, thinking before looking to her deformed left hand, before smiling and looking back up to Slenderman, she giggled a bit, the others were a bit surprised but happy at her reaction.

"I'm Clawdette."

The others all smiled as Slenderman offered his hand to Clawdette. "Follow us." 

Clawdette accepts as they lead her into the darkness of the forest to disappear.

The news reporter goes on with a story. "Now, onto the story of how a town had gotten burned down, as well as a murder. We have a few suspects, suspect one being named Toby Rogers, but some say he's dead because of the fire, but we have not found his body yet, so others suggest that he might be alive. And another body hasn't been found. The body of a girl named Celia Tantei."

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