I am a Spider

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This is what it's like to be a spider while not realllly being a spider.

Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



I am a spider. But I’m not realllllllly a spider. I’m actually a little girl. But I’m not that little. I am Amelia Alice Arachna. But my friends call me Amy. My classmates call me Tall Amy because, at nine and a half millimeters, I am the tallest in my class. I am almost a whole centimeter which means I’m basically an adult.

So the reason I say I am a spider (besides my last name being Arachna, of course) is because the humans always think I am one and try to crush me. They are so much bigger than me. When they see me move they think I'm so small I must be a spider. I try to make a game out of it. My people, the Bugaboos, all have this problem. I am the only one who doesn't see it as a problem. Sometimes I borrow some of Queeny’s honey and use it like the humans use hair gel. I take my black hair and stick it straight out to the side in eight separate pieces so it looks like spider legs. Then I take vines and make grappling hooks to swing around on. It makes the humans scream. My parents do not approve.

I have lots of fun acting like a spider. Swinging around is such a thrill. Way better than lady bug racing. They don't even go that fast. Less than three leaves a minute. It's sad really.

My parents keep telling me they wish I would stay home and be like all the other little Bugaboos my age. Going to school, talking about the latest flower fashion, learning how to fly a robin. But that all seems sooo normal. Everyone does that. Not everyone jumps on a squirrel's back and rides it up to the tippy top of a tree and then free falls down and lands on a nice soft dandelion. (Spiders have to free fall a lot because those nasty humans cut their webbing. It's very rude of them). I just don't get why my parents want me to be normal.

My best friend, Queeny Beemont, agrees with my parents. Can you believe that! She thinks I could find ‘more productive ways to occupy my existence’. She has been so boring since she turned a hundred moons old. She thinks she should be mature and proper and ladylike. I think I might need to find a new best friend.

Maybe Tara tarantula, she likes spiders too. Although, she's a little fuzzier than I'd like. Ooh there's also Penelope Papillon. She is the most beautiful Bugaboo I have ever seen. She is such a pretty shade of blue. But if I stand next to her, I'll just look stupid. Maybe I'll leave the Bugaboos all together and go live with Sally on her web. She keeps it in a nice warm spot where not too many animals bother her and no humans can find her.

That's it I will run away and become a real spider. I am Amelia Alice Arachna and I am a spider.

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