Mirroring Worlds

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Tessa comes across a mirror that takes her to parallel worlds and gets into more trouble than she bargained for.

Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



It had been a week since my gramma had passed and we were just cleaning out her house. I wasn't especially close with her but I remember she always gave me an odd gift for my birthday. One year an ornately carved staff. Another, a dresser that must have been as old as dirt. She also gave me an old, dusty lantern. It seemed I wouldn't be getting a present from her this year when I found a box marked with my name. “Momma!” I called. “This box has my name!  And there's one with Jenny’s name too!” I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My mom and my dad.

“Honey, let's move the boxes out then worry about which things she meant for you, if any,” Said my mom.

“I can't believe she just died and Tessa is already looking for the birthday present your mom would've sent out next week,” I heard my dad mutter under his breath.

“Dad!” I yelled, annoyed. “Fine, let's finish moving everything.”

We packed up the rest of her things, put them in my dad's pickup, and drove home. I couldn't wait to open the box gramma clearly meant for me. What would be in it? Something weird and according to my gramma’s tastes probably.

When we got home we put all the boxes in the attic and put as much of the furniture as we could fit in the spare room. I, of course, took any boxes with my name and put them in my room. I gave Jenny her boxes too.

I pulled my Swiss army knife out of my pocket and used it's knife to cut the tape on the boxes. The first two boxes held pictures of my family and me. The third box held an old, dusty mirror. It had jewels of every color at the top and writing stretching from the left side, across the bottom and up the right side in a language I didn't recognize. A note was taped to the back of the mirror. It was written in my gramma’s handwriting.

My dearest Tessa,

This mirror will take you to the most wonderful places if you use it right and if not then may the gods be with you. I'll tell you that the first step is reading the Latin inscription on the front. Have fun and don't get into trouble like I used to with this!

Your gramma

I spent nearly twenty minutes trying to read the inscription over and over, “Vo…vole iyer nov...um muhndos” I tried pronouncing things different ways and nothing worked. I pulled out my phone and typed the inscription into Google translate and had it read it out loud in Latin and in English. “Volo ire novum mundos. I wish to travel to new worlds.” No response. I thought the damn thing was broken so I went to put it on my dresser when the mirror on my dresser and the inscription on my mirror started glowing a faint orange.

“What the…” I read the inscription one more time, “Volo ire novum mundos!”

An image swirled into appearance on my mirror. It was me! But not me…? It was like seeing my reflection, only it didn't follow me and it had a nose piercing. “So are you gonna stare or are you gonna join me?” Asked mirror me.

“Waaahh!” I screamed as I stumbled and fell backwards.

“Ugh, I guess I'm gonna have to help you up,” mirror me groaned as she began to climb out of the mirror.

I clambered backwards, “Get away from me! You...you… whatever you are!”

“Well duh I'm Tessa Graymire, just not the one from this world. Look the mirror you have is like a magic portal, between worlds,” she explained. “You opened a portal to my world. It's like yours, only magic hasn't died off. That's why I knew you were gonna do this today. I've been waiting and you were three seconds late.”

I was very confused, “So you're…”

“You,” she finished.

After I regained my senses, she told me the dresser holds the magic but needs the mirror to focus it. She also explained how I needed to use my emotions and my imagination to pick which world I'd open up. Since I was feeling doubtful and thinking that a mirror could only be used to see my reflection, it opened up to a parallel world where there was a me that would be able to dispel my doubts and explain all about the magical voodoo crap. I can't decide if I'm glad my gramma gave me this or not. I think I might try it out just for a bit.

“The portal should stay open as long as long as there are two of you in one world,” she explained. “And remember, not all of the people who wear our face are as nice as I am.”

Mirror me was about done explaining and was beginning to leave. “Oh and one more thing,” she said, “You can't stay in one world too long. Two of you in one world for more than a couple hours is very dangerous.”

“Catch ya around?” I asked.

“No, probably not,” she smiled and disappeared into the mirror. With that, the portal closed.

The question in my mind wasn't ‘Should I use this because it could be dangerous?’ it was ‘Where should I go first?’. I made up my mind quickly. First, wanted to see a world where dinosaurs hadn't been wiped out by that asteroid. I'm not really sure why. I tried to channel my emotions and thoughts towards my destination all while reading the inscription. A picture began to form on the mirror and the second it was set I dove through the mirror. Where I landed there were no dinosaurs but there was what looked like a flea market. I needed more practice. While I was there I decided to explore. As I neared the flea markets I saw strange creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors. I was baffled until I really took a look around and saw flying cars and moving sidewalks and jetpacks. I was in a futuristic society! This was way better than… uhh… whatever I'd originally wanted to see.

I later find out those strange creatures were aliens. Earth was communicating with aliens! That world was so cool. I looked around for almost an hour when I remembered other me’s warning. There couldn't be two Tessa’s in one world for too long. I was sad to go but I took an alien rock creature as a souvenir and left.

I kept practicing with the mirror and got a little better each time. And even though I wasn't great at this magic stuff, I saw some pretty wicked places. I found a world where goats were the dominant species, I left that one after almost being stampeded for not wearing proper human slave attire. One world I found was like something out of a cartoon, the second I stepped through the mirror I saw the new of that world get crushed by a piano then get up and continue like this was an everyday occurrence. I didn't stay long there either. One world I found was almost exactly the same as my world only the colors were backwards. For example, the first human I saw had dark blue skin, white pupils, and a green tongue. I stuck out. A lot. I left after about ten seconds.

The last world I tried for was a world where everything was perfect, no arguing with my siblings, no ASPCA commercials making me feel sad, no wars. With all the places I'd seen, a perfect parallel world had to exist somewhere. I read the inscription and saw a brilliant, sunny park swirl into existence on the mirror. I finally got one right. I went through the mirror.

The people were so nice to me but they all seemed busy and jittery. I didn't see anyone fighting or starving or homeless or jobless. No one had to pay for anything. Everyone had those smiles that were so big they were creepy, the type you see in movies when you know something is off. The lovely sunshine couldn't mask the tension in the air. There were posters all over boasting about the fifth anniversary of world peace. I also noticed posters saying to ‘Thank the Leader of New America’. It seemed the whole world was united under one leader. At the time, I wished I could stay forever, but after about half an hour in a seemingly perfect world, everything fell apart.

I met my double of that world at the same time as I met my double’s personal army. After arresting me, they interrogated me and pulled at my skin thinking I just had a really good mask or something. I finally got to explain how I'd arrived here without their interrupting when the evil dictator me of that world busted in.

“So what's the story with this one!” She demanded.

“She says she's you from another world, your highest, mightiest, leader ma'am,” replied one of the guards.

“Either she's insane or she just gave me the opportunity to rule two worlds,” schemed evil me. “Show me, girl, how to get to this other world and I shall spare your life.”

“Y...yes ma'am,” I stuttered. I had to think quickly. This world seemed peaceful but her demeanor made it clear this would went to Hell and back to get there. I couldn't let her take over my world.

I showed evil me to the magic portal. I knew if I could just get through, the portal would close and I could be rid of her forever, but how was I supposed to distract her long enough for me to get through? “Oh high and mighty ruler of all lands, Tessa Graymire, best of us all,” I said while trying not to grimace, “my world is not fitting of you and is not ready for your arrival. Allow me to go back to my world for an hour and make it ready for one so special and brilliant.”

“While I do like that idea, You do not know my fashionable tastes,” she started, “So take my advisor with you.”

“Of course your queenliness, whatever would please you most,” I grovelled. And I really really hate groveling, no matter who's doing it. I approached the mirror. It seemed to get farther and farther away. I'd been in this world too long. It was starting to come apart. “I must get home! I must get home! I must get home!” I screamed. I dove towards the mirror and remember hands reaching out towards me. Then I woke up in my bed. I'm still not quite sure what happened that day. Maybe reality was tearing, maybe I was dreaming or going insane. My parents and sister said nothing about the matter, so I'm fairly certain they weren't involved.

I still used the mirror to travel to parallel worlds, I was just more careful about how long I was in each world. I actually got really good at picking which world I’d open a portal to. This lasted for about a month when a picture swirled onto the mirror without me calling it. Based on the twisted look on i saw on the mirror me’s face, I guessed it was evil me. When she saw I the look of recognition she said, “You know me? Then you must be the one who showed me the portal. Thank you for that dear. I have since conquered eight worlds and I WILL add yours to the list only this time you cannot fool me and escape.”

She began to crawl through the mirror and my reaction was to throw the handheld mirror towards her. She lurched backwards. When the handheld mirror hit the dresser mirror they both shattered.

I haven’t seen any of my doubles since, but I have followed after my gramma it seems by taking up magic in hopes of one day fixing the mirror. Not only do I want to travel through it, I want to free all the worlds evil me controls. After all, it’s pretty much my fault she found out how to travel to other worlds. One day I’ll fix things.

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