The Adventures of Maggie the Elf: The Terrors of the Peppermint Forest

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Maggie the Elf finds Peppermint Forest, but her journey isn't as jolly as it sounds

Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



Maggie the Elf was rather short, even for an elf, which is why she left Santa's workshop and decided to travel the world, adventuring and getting into trouble. She left her red and green elven clothes behind and tromped around in jeans and oversized t-shirts. The only things she kept from her toy-making days were a necklace with two small, golden bells and a carving knife.

One bright, sunny day Maggie the Elf came across Peppermint Forest. She couldn't tell you exactly where it was, only that it was halfway between Nowhere and Somewhere. Also, it was North of the South Pole but not of the equator.

Now, most people would expect the Peppermint forest to be made exclusively of candy canes but that was not the case. Maggie the Elf made a note in her travel log.

Travel Log: Peppermint Forest Part 1

The Peppermint Forest is like any other forest only made of peppermint. The bunnies are red and white. The ferns have a pearly look to them. The trees are shaped like normal trees. Instead of smelling like pine, a minty aroma fills the air. Every step I take crunches with the sound of breaking peppermint. The further I get into the forest the stronger the peppermint smell becomes. Legend has it that over 100 years ago the forest appeared overnight and slowly grew. I wonder if that's true…

Maggie had barely entered the forest when a bunny hopped so high that it was able to land on Maggie's shoulder. The bunny was very strangely colored. It had stripes of fluffy, blue fur and where the blue fur was not there were shiny, red and white peppermint stripes.

“The time to leave is now

He'll eat you up somehow

Though this seems a tasty place

You'd better not stuff your face

Of sleep, your mind you'd better rinse

Or he’ll find you, the Peppermint Prince”

Sang the bunny.

“I can't leave strange rabbit,” said a startled Maggie. “I must know the origins of this forest. Now shoo! Away you go.”

So the bunny shook his head and bounded off. As he did what could only be described as faint roar sounded. Maggie continued walking not heeding the warning of the bunny our thinking anything of the roar. It was a forest after all.

A little while later she grew hungry so when she found a clearing she sat down to eat her lunch. But when she set her bag down she screamed. Her fingers were tipped with peppermint! The peppermintiness of her hands  overwhelmed her. Some cookies will make me feel better, Maggie thought. But when she opened her bag she saw that her chocolate chip cookies and cream sandwich was now a peppermint cookies and cream sandwich. It seemed things that lingered in the forest were being peppermintified. But Maggie was so hungry that she took a bite. It was a pure peppermint flavor.

Maggie heard a squawk in the trees. She looked towards the noise when a bird flew down and landed gracefully in front Maggie. It reminded her of the bunny. It had bright blue feathers on the tail, wings and head but it's body and legs were peppermint colored. It had a sad look in its eyes.

“The time to leave is now

He'll eat you up somehow

Though this seems a tasty place

You'd better not stuff your face

Of sleep, your mind you'd better rinse

Or he’ll find you, the Peppermint Prince”

The bird twittered.

“But what else will I eat bird?”Asked Maggie. “My food is growing more pepperminty and I haven't had a cookie since yesterday evening.”

And with a shake of its head the bird fluttered over to Maggie, grabbed her food with both its feet then flew off.

What a rotten bird, thought Maggie. That awful thing took my food and left me to starve. She continued through the forest hoping to be out of it soon. Unfortunately the forest was only getting darker and more sinister. Though it seems rather impossible for a forest made entirely of peppermint to be anything but jolly. Maggie sighed as she looked down at her body. Her peppermintification was quickening. The peppermint had spread to her elbows and her feet. If you were to prick her finger she swore peppermint syrup would ooze out. She was hesitant to test the theory though.

Travel Log: Peppermint Forest Part 2

I can't tell if the sun has nearly set or if the forest is going to swallow me into darkness. The peppermint smell is strong and thick. I fear I will be found dead with lungs full of peppermint. I've been hearing a roaring sound. I thought it was a waterfall but the further I get into the forest the less I believe that's the case.

Maggie had grown more worried as she wandered deeper and deeper into the forest. She became very disoriented to the point where she was lost. She kept glancing at her legs which were now entirely made of peppermint.

Maggie began to realize the forest not only grew darker but redder and whiter too. The peppermintiness of the land was intensifying. There's that roaring sound again, thought Maggie.

She was tired and weary but fought the urge to fall asleep standing up when she came across a cottage. The cottage was lopsided and uneven but in a symmetrical way that seemed impossible. It was broken and old and yet it seemed new. It had a haunting air to it and yet it was strangely inviting. Maggie was baffled.

Travel Log: Peppermint Forest Part 3

I'm turning pepperminty and growing tired. Even the edge of my journal is crusted with peppermint. At my most tired I have conveniently found a cottage in what seems to be the darkest part of the forest. How cliche. Oh well. I suppose I will meet my maker soon. All that will be found of me is peppermint dust. At least I can finally get some sleep…

Maggie entered the cottage and looked for a bed. The wonderful news was she found one. The disappointing news was that when she went flopped onto it, it hurt. Somehow, she forgot that everything was made of peppermint and was unlikely to be soft and springy like a normal bed. Maggie curled up in a ball and began to drift off. Before she could slip into the dream world fully an odd fox snuck in. It pulled at her necklace until the string broke then ran around in circles waving the necklace every which way.

Maggie opened her eyes wide and jolted into an upright position at the sound of her bells jingling. “Who had taken my bells!” demanded Maggie.

When the fox realized it had kept her from sleeping it stopped running and laid the bells at her feet. Then it took a step back and opened its mouth.

“The time to leave is now

He'll eat you up somehow

Though this seems a tasty place

You'd better not stuff your face

Of sleep, your mind you'd better rinse

Or he’ll find you, the Peppermint Prince”

Howled the fox.

“You must be friends with the bunny and the bird, you have the same blue and peppermint striping pattern,” noticed Maggie. “Look Mister Fox, I'm hungry, tired and turning into peppermint. Please just leave me be.”

The fox hung its head low. It looked about to leave when it sprang forward and snatched up the bells. Only then did it decide to run out the door. Maggie the Elf of course gave chase.

She ran after the fox for an eternity. Is the Peppermint scent weakening?wondered Maggie. The forest is definitely getting lighter… Maggie thought she was going to collapse. She was an explorer, not an athlete. The fox abruptly stopped on what appeared to be the edge of the forest.

“Mister Fox! You lead me out!” cried Maggie. “Now if only there was a way to reverse the peppermintification process. My chest and head are all that remains me.” No sooner had the words escaped Maggie's lips than she regretted them. A roar sounded. The same roar Maggie had heard throughout her journey in the forest.

Maggie whipped around and saw a terrifying peppermint monster rushing towards her and the fox. She moved quickly pulling her carving knife from her belt. As the beast grew nearer Maggie saw what it truly was, a very large bear with even larger antlers. It was larger than large but not so big that it could be considered colossal. The bear's head was down as if it meant to pierce Maggie with its sharp antlers. The fox had just been watching until now when it transformed into a wolf and pulled Maggie out of the way of the monster. Maggie stumbled backwards right as the bear creature passed. With no elf to stop his momentum the bear slammed into a tree with a loud thud. The beasts peppermint antlers were stuck in the tree.

The wolf growled and jumped landing on the bear. It dug its claws in and began biting the bear.

The bear let out a roar of pain, peppermint flakes flew from its mouth.He screamed, “I am the Peppermint Prince! Who dares try to destroy my kingdom?”

“I am Maggie the Elf! And I will free this forest from your control,” yelled Maggie. Then she charged the monster with her carving knife ready. She was about to attack when the beast pulled its antlers free. It reared up on its hind legs to get the wolf off then spun around and threw Maggie into a tree with its antlers. The bear tried to charge Maggie again but the wolf headbutted it, distracting it just long enough for regain her senses. She took the knife and plunged it into the bear. The peppermint cracked and the monster collapsed.

A strange wind began to blow and as it did the Peppermint was blown away into dust. The wolf howled in delight as its candy cane stripes faded resulting in a fully blue wolf. It was the bluest blue that had ever existed. Maggie looked down and saw that her own peppermint had been blown away.

“I don't know about you, but I'm going to continue my journey elsewhere,” Maggie said to the wolf. The wolf tilted its head like it was thinking then jumped towards Maggie. In mid air it changed into a small monkey and landed on Maggie's head. It seemed the transforming creature had decided to travel with the elf. “Hey wait,” said Maggie. “You changed during the fight too… You're the bird and the bunny too aren't you? I can't believe I didn't see it before"

Travel Log: Peppermint Forest Part 4

Well Peppermint Forest wasn't really a peppermint forest. It was just under the spell of the Peppermint Prince. With him gone the place is returning to what it was over 100 years ago. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I've undone his work… Oh well. At least I gained a new traveling companion. I wonder where my adventures will take me next?

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