The Fight for the Last Chocolate Bar

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What would the world do if our supply of cocoa had run out?

Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



In the year 2004 a plague was released with the intent of destroying all the world's crops to cause a famine. Fortunately, many of the crops across the world were so full of GMO’s and chemicals that they were resistant. Several crops, including brussel sprouts and cocoa beans were lost. Even the crops that did survive didn't have as high a harvest as they originally had. What had been harvested before the plague was rationed or sold at extremely high prices, but after twelve long years the supply was running out.

In January of 2016 a worldwide announcement was made to let people know the last of the cocoa bean supply had been used, resulting in the last one hundred chocolate bars that would ever be made. Seventy eight of the chocolate bars had been sold to wealthy people. Twenty one had been stolen in the first week after the announcement. The last chocolate bar was carefully protected. It was decided it would be the prize of a sparring competition. Anyone from anywhere could enter. Over one million competitors entered, making the competition last for several months.

“Today is July 7th and the semi finals are about to begin in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London, England,” stated the reporter Jessica Leeche. “Two fights will be held today and the winners of those fights will be in the final fight tomorrow. Here comes one of the semifinalists now, Renee Bellerose. Renee you've made it this far how can you be sure you're going to win?”

Renee was a sleek woman who walked with confidence. Tied up in a bun was her dark brown hair. Her pale face wore a serious look. Renee spoke with a thick French accent, “Because I am the most motivated. I do not want this for me but for my two children. They have grown up without chocolate and I want them to be able to taste it just once.”

“Today you're fighting Brutus Rockwell, a professional American boxer who's nearly twice your size. Are you scared?” Asked Jessica.

Renee laughed, “A small fry like him could never scare me, now if you will excusez moi I have a fight to win.” As she walked towards her ring she thought, anything goes and I will win that prize for my kids. Though Renee was small she was quick in body and in wit. She had earned a large fan base during the months of the competition because she had a habit of ending fights quickly and brutally.

Today Renee went against the fan favorite, a man known for fighting dirty. Brutus Rockwell was America's top boxer, to him this was just another contest with an insignificant prize. Everyone knew Brutus was in it for the fame and glory, but he was still the fan favorite. The fight would have a time limit of twelve minutes. One minute for every year since the plague. The fight would go until one constant could not continue our until time ran out. If time ran out three judges would decide who won. Each ring would be decided by three different judges , making a total of six judges since both semifinal fights were to run simultaneously. To keep the judges’ impartial and to make sure no one could bribe them they were randomly chosen off the streets two hours before the fights. The three judges sat on different sides of the ring with the announcer on the fourth.

Renee and Brutus stepped into their ring. When the buzzer sounded the fight began. Renee struck first, a blow to Brutus’s left jaw. He returned the favor with an uppercut to her stomach. Renee grunted. Brutus tried to follow with a hook punch but Renee lunged to the right and kicked him in the side of the knee. A loud crack sounded and Brutus dropped to the ground. His knee was broken. Renee kicked him in the jaw and sent him flying backwards. She ran over to him and prepared to kick him in the face one more time but he caught her kick and threw her onto the ground. Her face hit the ground. Renee rolled over and did a kip up to get back on her feet. When she turned back to Brutus he was kneeling and pulling a knife out of his boot. He grunted and pushed himself up then dove at Renee. She parried the blade and kneed Brutus in the groin. He folded and dropped the knife. Now's my chance, Renee thought. Renee rolled and picked up the knife. Brutus charged her but she sidestepped and slit his throat in one swift motion. As the blood squirted everywhere Brutus hit the ground. He did not get back up.

“With nine minutes and thirty two seconds left Renee had been declared the winner!” exclaimed Jessica Leeche. “Brutus Rockwell, fan favorite and famous American boxer lost not only his first match ever but his life as well. Remember folks the fight is anything goes and the prize is the world's last chocolate bar. Tomorrow Renee will face Baako Chikelu, the man who just beat Frank Carson. This is Jessica Leeche with KLC news and I'll see you when the finals begin tomorrow.”

When the day ended Renee went to her hotel and called her kids. They were so excited to see her win on tv. “Maman, mamam! Vous étiez très bonne!” They exclaimed.

“Oh merci mes chers!” Replied Renee. “But I have one fight left before I win and this one might actually be a challenge.” Renee was worried about her next fight. She wanted the chocolate but did not want to lose her life. She couldn't leave her children orphans. Anything goes, she thought, I will beat Chikelu that so-called ‘gift from God’.

The next day Renee awoke and mentally prepared herself for the fight. She still had Brutus’s knife from yesterday and decided to tuck it into her belt in case this fight wasn't as easy as the others. Renee was smart she had watched everyone's fights. She learned her opponent's moves and best them with ease. Baako was a different story, he didn't have one consistent fighting style. He adapted by changing his style against every opponent. He told reporters that he grew up in Africa and had conquered many tribes at God's request. For that reason his people named Chikelu, an African word meaning gift from God. The scientific term for cocoa beans is Theobroma Cacao, literally ‘food of the Gods’. Baako thought this was a divine sign that he was meant to win. Renee just thought he was pretentious.

After she prepared herself she headed to Olympic Stadium for her last fight.

“Hello everybody! It's July 8th and what you've been waiting months for has finally come,” announced Jessica. “The final fight will decide who wins the world's last chocolate bar. In just a few minutes we’ll find out if Renee or Baako will take home the prize.”

Baako entered the ring and a second later so did Renee. There was no talking before the fight, the two just stared into each other's eyes. They put their hands up in protective guards and when the buzzer sounded they fought. It was a vicious fight. Renee charged and threw a hook punch, but Baako evaded the strike by ducking and moving behind her. He grabbed her in a bear hug but she tossed her head back and headbutted him, breaking his nose. He let go and pushed Renee away, grabbing the knife in her belt as he did so. She kicked high as she spun around to face him, her foot connected with his jaw. He stuttered backwards but stayed on his feet. Baako lunged at Renee and swung the knife. Renee tried to jump backwards but hit the edge of the ring and the knife made a thin slice across her abdomen. She grabbed her stomach with one hand and kept the other outstretched. Baako again swung the knife but Renee ducked and dove at his feet. They both fell of the ground and the knife clattered out of Baako’s hands. Renee quickly mounted Baako and punched him in the face repeatedly. Baako regained enough of his senses and grabbed one of Renee’s fists. He then bent it so far backwards it was unnatural. Renee screamed out in pain. Baako pushed his hips off the ground and threw Renee off of him. He got to his feet as Renee scrambled for the knife on the ground. Baako tried to throw the weight of his body on Renee to crush her but she rolled over with the knife in hand. He realized his mistake too late. Renee pushed his body off her, his blood spilling everywhere.

Renee got up and sauntered out of the ring. Medics rushed to treat Baako since it was clear the fight was over. Renee had won the final fight and the prize, the world’s last chocolate bar.

“The fight has ended!” Screamed Jessica Leeche. “Renee Bellerose is the champion! I bet her children at home are happy for her winning the fight and the chance to taste the prize.”

Renee went to claim her prize. It was locked in a safe and protected by guards in the center of the room where it could be seen by everyone and impossible to steal. The guards gave Renee the code to the safe and allowed her to open it. The audience wore looks of expectation, hatred, excitement. But when Renee opened the safe, it was empty. The prize was gone, if there ever was a prize at all. Renee screamed and lashed out at the nearest person. It took three strong guards to hold her back. She had to be taken away by the police and forcefully sent home. An investigation was launched to find what happened to the last chocolate bar, but nothing turned up. That fighting, that killing I did for my kids, it all was worthless, thought Renee, they will never taste the food of the gods.

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