can you handle the storm

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this is for all my guy friend who wish to sleep with all the girls in the world but have no imagination strong enough to.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



can you handle the storm

can you handle the storm can you take it when your pushed to the edge of your peek in the mist of it all pour

me into your arms and watch me take you down peice by peice till there is nothing left tonight you will

have so much fun while tasteing my love take me in the rain as we kiss a thousand and one time you make

your move to hold me closer while you pull i push we drop into splash of heat under water we move back

and forth tearing pass the barrier of restraint till every inch is bare you kiss every part like it your favorite ice

scream you can tast all the flavors in one as you taste the milky water falls as you touch the gum drop walls it

like life savor in your mouth all the beautiful flavors of love

as you blow by blow hit the many spot you can find she scream scratches pulls you you push more and

more further and further makeing your heart rate race fast while getting lost in her honey comb

strawberry scents of love and scents that make any man crazy all the while take her mind on a

unforgettable ride throught the night our scent mix through the air we flow like the ocean up and down in and

out swirling around connect our souls and body as one then head for the drain we blow out the water as

you take her in ways you thought werent even possiable she scream more you getting close her legs

wrapped around you tighting to your body her voice almost out of breath you hear her moaning louder and

louder arching her back to be closer to you all the while the pitch is getting higher to her climax you then

turn to kiss her you both panting her voice ehcoing in your mouth you taste the sweet essance of

saticfaction that you have saticfied her in all ways possiable the ocean waves couldnt do alone then return

for more of your favorite flavors of strawberry vanilla chocolate apples lemon lime all the flavors that are so

sweet you cant help but eat them all in one big gulp but this flavor you savor and touch with gentlness and love as

you swallow all thought you keep trying to make her love come down till there nothing left her eyes roll back

in her head her body filled with heat warmth wet candy coated she is she see a haze of colors in her mind

while reaching her peek of love

and you both knock out from working each other out all throught the night you lay with her in your arm and

draw her closer to your chest to let her know you are there still and there no need to worrie as you lay and

cuddle through the night you await for the middle of the night to make more love to the one you hold so dear to your soul with

each look taste touch kiss and smile it all hot to you but most of all you now know you can handle anything

include the storm of a women love.

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