i love my teddy bear

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This poem is for good friend of mine he is never seen by me that because we never got a chance to meet to make something of knowing each other but he is heard from everyonce in a while and all tho we hadnt met he held a space in my heart because he was and is the only man i will keep the door open for why well he was the only one i kept space with because i knew how i feel about him it was hard to try and keep my distance so i didnt go over board with my feeling but i now know no matter what i will always love him because like my teddy bear no matter how old i get i never will out grow him he will remain nameless because if he ever does read this he knows its between me and him my secret love i kept to my self to hope you like it

Submitted: November 07, 2012

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Submitted: November 07, 2012



my teddy bear

teddy bear teddy bear what can i say your always on my mind i think  of you as my gift of god a blessing to know a comfort to the empty  spaces in my  heart you are  the reason why there are no empty space  in my heart why i feel no pain when others fail me because you filled each space with the word you said to me at one time or another like a title wave coming heavy during a storm my love for you will never falter i stay far to keep from over flowing you with attention from my heart so i wont hurt my self if i cant  have you be with you the way i hope fear that if i hope and wish to much i will lose the very thing i hope to one day achieve your heart your  my joy the little gifts you given  me  a smile when iam down adivice when there no one to turn to and although you speak once in a while my feeling  have never changed for and never will like a candel to a flame i remain dime til when you come and light that spark and a blaze of  fire starts to burn bright your my honest ab who can never tell me a lie alawys ready to give the best advice you can give in courage me to do me and  my  best never says i cant always ask  me what i learned your my elephant mememoire never forgetting the things i have said to you always knowing what to say to make my life make sense your my  guardian angel who never fails to keep me a float and although you could never be with me the way i hoped and wished and dreamed like a little girl holding on to her teddy bear for the  first time i can always know your here with me never out grow you so there never a reason to worrie wear you are how much we may never speak  you always have a place in my  heart and place on my bed wear you sit and smile all the while hanging in there with me  even if we can never be so thank you teddy bear i love you in every way  my sweet tough and  smart teddy bear.

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