love is fairy tales

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this is for my women who have the heads on right know where a fairy tale and reality lay not to that it a bad thing just know the difference and for the men to understand why we do and what for .

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



 love is a fairy tale 


my love is a fairy tale a dream of many want desires of love to have the love in which i once was told exist in life so i open my heart to recevie the gifts of my dream my fairy tale i wish were real instead of cruel  disapointment of  the many people who has hurt me in the past with there lies and deceiat to what they think may be love for me so they say with out listen to my fairy tale to here what i dreamed about to never be heard  while the  shattering tear of glass i crie from my eyes  my heart scream to be heard a loud to be understood  that the love i give is more preious than gold and greater then all who could  have given you more my love shout  with desire please be the love of my life  be my dream save me from my hearts disaster  in which the people have created in me my dear fairy tale show the love i see i think i can feel  understand that love conqures all who is in  there inhabbitence my fairy tale shows you where to begin where the middle lays and my end streches to meet each and every part of me oh my fairy tale you are the soul peice of  the many that make love exist in this world with out  it how could we keep love alive for one another you  are  the reason to the love i carry in my soul for all of man but mostly you help me dream one day that my fairy tale will be real that the love i seek  is heard and is spoken to with all the care and gentlness it needs to live breath brought to life in the manner reality will allow it to so man can finally see why we live in fairy tale sometime to escape our heart break and creat a new just for them to live apon breath and love just as much to.




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