so you think your a player

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this is for my hater who think i cant hang lol

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



so you think your a player

so you think your player the card dealer the winner well i got new for you i am the big winner you lose

cause you snoozed you have no clue to who your against and no its not your boo it just the straight boo who for

you you have lost awww oh well that sucks for you for i am the champion the go getter the ruler of my

Queensland that fire and ice you cant put down and without the line between two i am to much for you so go

cry cause you just gott screwed lol how is that for you top it if you can cause with you writting things i cant


stand its like watch a man go ham on his mans for same dame land your crazy to think i could ever be beat watch

me tear up the floor while you stay on the same beat you love to watch me heat the sparks to a flame that out

growns you mind i wont climb down i wont stand aside and watch you blow out my mind with your weak

rhymes i came just in time to stop your mind from the grime you were about to ryhme you think so crazy no

wounder we all thought you were lazy but today is a little hazy let me get you ready and show my core so be

ready like freddy and dont for get your anuties name is eddie such a smeggie so take your weak ass home

cause you done for ever digraced the name live love life forever in the name of your queen.

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