the conflicts of man and women

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

i got tired of the games we play as man and women it not right or fair to each other and it hurts alot


the conflict between man and women


when i want you you dont need me 

when i need you you cant stand me and call me to needy

when i ask you you say dont question me 

when i hurt you want me bad and want to love me and make me new

agina when i dont look your way you appear and swear i am your angel but the minut i love you back you forget me 

but when i return the favor and say forget you say dont leave me 

when i am good you cheat but when i cheat you  say forget you or tell me dont do it agina  why must i be mean for you to get me or love 

me right you like the chase but dont want to be chased i gett it but what if there was no game to be played then what would you do

if i took the games away and stripped you ass nake then what would you do nothing more you can do but do what is wanted of

 you what if there was nothing but love left you got sucked in to  what if your heart felt desperate needy and bleeded like mine when hurt and you asked me question and

i respound the way you did  you would not only hate me but cuss about me to  so how do i get to you with out haveing to be mean to you or take down the

the sweetest parts of me for you to here me it like the saying missed  me missed now you gotta kiss me  if i cover all the basis

you cant hurt me or stop me then how i will i see it by being silent and quiet and watching your every move i play

like a game of chess not hard to figure out cause you leave a pattner with every stepp i climbe a head of you 

stopping you dead in your tracks the way you  behave with me your changes in your moods the way you now look with 

that coldness of nothing left in your eyes how do i stop it by showing you what you look like in the mirror of shame decite 

and lies so you see just how cold your are to me when i burn you at wits end  thats when you truly appreiate me  and when i win

your love. 


Submitted: November 08, 2011

© Copyright 2022 kachasheenicka savage. All rights reserved.

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