what am i searching for

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We all look for that one love you cant live without but you never find them they end up finding you if you notice and women especailly be looking when we dont need to we have the cookie and who so ever wants it man wise will work hard to get it pri the jaws of life just to break in to the cookie jaw so relax and let love come to you instead

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



what am i searching for.

what am i seaching for i searched here and there and its neither here nor there definately not around there searched up and down all around here and yet it still cant be found i look hard and wide all the while killing time waiting to find my one special thing sometime i think to find you in places you never think you could hide searching all day long even opened a door or two to what is the wrong thing to do trying to lie say here i am this is it that lieing son of bitch thinking it could have been you yet i musted been dreaming to think id find you knowing the thing i looked for has nothing to with this off full thing i found that could never have been you and yet here it is agina got me searching till i am blue waitng for you knowing no clue no signal for you no sirren or sign no definate time yet i am searching down with no thought to mind but looky here looky here guesss what id find not you but a small clue to relax and let you find me since finding you is so hard let me eclasp from my exhaustion of searching and let you search far and wide till you make up your mind i am right where youd find me in the one place you never think to look for i am your one great wish love in the greatest form of you so stop searching cause i am now in front of you forever yours love

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