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A young man and his lover decide to take a road trip. But things are not as they seem.

Submitted: March 26, 2015

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Submitted: March 26, 2015



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“We’re leaving in five minutes tops. Are you ready?” I asked, foot tapping impatiently waiting for our small trip to begin. That is when I heard her. A faint giggle coming from the top of the stairs that stood in front of me. “Oh stop rushing me! I’m coming down” It was then followed by light footsteps tapping down the wooden stairs. My breath was caught in my throat. She always did that to me, and she knew it. She was a drug to me. Once I had a taste of her I was hooked. I did not mind a bit.

Her chestnut brown hair stopped short at her defined collarbone. I was mesmerized by her green eyes. No, green does not describe them well enough. It was like walking in a forest just after the rain has passed. When you tilt your head towards the newly lit sky and see the damp and vibrant leaves. That kind of green. I had not realized that I was drifting towards her until my hand gently took her wrist. “We want to get there dark so let’s hit the road!” I exclaimed to her as made my way to the door, still holding her wrist. “Okay, okay.” She laughed once more. Oh god, I shall never grow tired of her.

The drive to our destination would take a few hours, so we decided to stop at a gas station a couple of miles ahead. The store was quite small and vacant. Most likely the size of a classroom, and supplied only one gas pump which I highly doubt even worked. A bell rang above my head as I opened the glass door, causing a man in his late thirties to look up from his newspaper and smile at me from behind the register. I could feel her warm breath on the back of my neck. Reminding me she was still there. We made our way to the back, where the snacks were neatly displayed for us. While scanning the racks, a bag of sunflower seeds were tossed to me. I barely caught them before they were to hit my face. I looked up and saw her smirking at me. “I hope you are not expecting me to pay for these.” I said with a small smile playing on my lips. “Oh no” She said with a fake gasp, “It seems I have left my wallet at home.” “What a shame that is. I guess I can be a gentleman for once and pay for my lovely lady.” We stared at each other before laughing rather loudly.

The man behind the counter stretched his head to where we were to give us a confused look. This then earned a smaller and quieter round of laughs. After a few more minutes of gathering food, and the man giving us looks from time to time, we finally went up to pay. “You sure do eat a lot don’t you?” He said looking down at our rather large supply of food. I laughed softly, “Oh, trust me. This girl will probably scarf this down before I can take a bite.” The man then scanned the room with eyebrows creased up before looking down at the items. “Uh, anyways, that will be twenty four dollars and eighty cents.” He said without looking up at us. I preceded to hand him the bill, eyeing him carefully before hauling our food back to the car. The bell barely ringing behind us in the distance.

“That guy back there was giving me some weird vibes, don’t you think? I asked when we were a few miles down the long stretch of highway. “Really? I didn’t notice anything. Are you sure you aren’t going crazy or something? Have you been hearing voices in your head?” She joked, while nudging my arm with her elbow. “Ha ha ha. I’m going crazy indeed. Crazy for you” I said with a more serious tone at the end. I did not look at her though. I felt my face grow warm as I just realized what words came out of my mouth. It was then I felt a pair of lips graze my neck, which sent goose bumps to the surface of my skin. Feeling cold once she withdrew her lips.

I finally collected myself before glancing over at her. Taking in her beauty once again, my thoughts were once again taking over. How could one human being mean so much to me? At this moment I felt sorry for everyone out there that spent their lives looking for someone to love. For those who would wait day after day to find a hand to hold or just a person to have a conversation with. I was one of the lucky ones. I had someone sitting in the seat beside me. I was not alone anymore. I had nothing to complain about. In this car was the most beautiful women in the world and outside was an endless stretch of trees and sunshine. The sun above us was glimmering. Almost as if it was winking at me, giving me a good omen. I took one hand off the steering when and collected her hand in mine. Our fingers entwined perfectly together. Making me complete inside and out.

We sat in silence together, not because we did not have anything to talk about, but because it felt like saying nothing meant everything. It was the kind of quiet that made you start to smile out of nowhere and feel at peace with yourself. It was like curling up in bed at night after finishing a good book and thinking about how amazing it was kind of quiet. My favorite kind of quiet.

Cars slowly began to populate the highway, breaking the silence I was enjoying. Music then started to drown out the outside noises. She then began to speak after quite some time. “I think we need a jam session.” She said while turning the radio up a bit more. “I would rather not have to pull over because my ears start to bleed.” I joked to her. We both knew that was not true though. Her voice was one of the most amazing things about her. It was so soft and at the same time. She could any note she wanted like it was the easiest thing in the world. I always told her she could pursue a career in singing, but she would always laugh and brush it off. “My voice cannot save lives.” She would say. Being a doctor was the one thing she strived for. She was so kind and selfless; always putting others needs before her own. Kind of like what I did for her. Always there for her when she needed me. I guess we both saved each other.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when her voice surrounded me. I did not recognize the song but I already knew it was now my favorite. Her head was bobbing softly, her eyes closed. Her face looked so peaceful and carefree. She was more beautiful each time I look at her, if that was even possible. God I love her. I was laughing once she started to add some pretty terrible dance moves. The sort of laugh that makes your stomach hurt, but in a good way. The more I stared at her though, the more I felt uneasy. Like something bad was coming. I chose to push it down further into the dark. Suffocating it before it had a chance to do it to me. We were now on the interstate and driving next to an older woman. I was laughing so hard that I had to catch my breath. The woman was now looking over at us multiple times. Looking at us like we were completely insane. But then it dawned on me. She wasn’t looking at the girl next to me who was currently dancing like a lunatic. The woman was looking straight past her as though she were thin air. The woman was solely looking me.

I then thought back to the gas station a couple of hours back. When the man was giving me the exact look. He was only looking at me. The man’s very odd behavior when I mentioned her just clicked. The uneasiness I was feeling earlier came back, spreading farther this time. Her voice did not sound right anymore. She was off key and scratchy. This was not her voice. Then stopping all together, along with the music. “So, are you nervous to see me?” She asked suddenly. Clearing my throat before I answered, I spoke. “Excuse me?” Laughing uncomfortably at her odd behavior.

“You have not visited me yet. To be honest, I was starting to think you never would.” Her voice spoke with a sad tone in it. The knot in my stomach was now a bundle which continued to increase each minute that passed by. Visit? My grip on the steering wheel grew tighter, my knuckles turning white. I wasn’t even sure where I was driving to anymore. Everything I knew suddenly flew out the window, past the cars behind us. I swallowed slowly, carefully picking out my next words. “Hey, you’re not making any sense right now. It is freaking me out a little. Can you tell me what exactly you are talking about?”

“I hope that once you see me you will move one. I want you to be happy. Do it for me.” She spoke once again. Was she even listening to me? My head would not turn to face her. I was just physically incapable of doing so. In fear of her or myself I was not sure. “I need you to know that I am okay now. I promise you, don’t worry about me.” She said, ignoring my previous words. I was yelling by now. “I said stop it! Listen to me. You are not making any sense. I just I-I need you to stop.” I said, hands shaking the steering wheel. Knowing that was the only thing I had a grasp on at the moment. The only thing that allowed me to know this was real.

I was so frustrated and confused that I had not realized we were now on a quiet back road. “I have to go now. Our time is up. It’s okay to remember me. Just don’t live your life in the past. I love you, I always will.” Her voice was so gentle and, calm. How the hell could she be so calm? Tears were now falling off of my cheeks, dampening the collar of my shirt. That was the least of my worries. My voice cracked as I spoke, “Stop it, please.” It was so quiet, I was not sure if she even heard me. “Say it. I need to hear it before I go.” I knew exactly what she meant.

We were now parked at sat like that for what seemed like ages but only a few minutes. Still having not looked at her. Too scared to know what sat beside me. I finally had gathered enough strength to say it. I love you. God I love you.” And everything finally made since. This whole day made since now. I turned to look at her. What I saw still haunts me to this day. Nothing. Just an empty seat was in my view. I was too late. I looked ahead of me. I realized I had been holding my breath because I sucked in the dry air. A garden of tombstones spread over a field in front of me. Flowers dotted along the graves, giving it the only life. It was like my bones shattered and my heart was ripped out of my chest. My lungs felt like they were shriveled up and useless. I wiped the tears off of my face with the palm of my hard and slowly and painfully exited the car, making my way towards the gates that stood in front of me. Beckoning me towards them. I may not believe in spirits, but I believe in her. God I believe in her.

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