For My Love....

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I wrote this with pure love and passion, for my love...

Submitted: June 09, 2011

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Submitted: June 09, 2011



~My Love~

Sitting by the warm fire, wrapped in each others arms.

Listening to crickets and the river softly flow . Getting lost in one another's embrace. Soft and gentle caresses upon skin burning with passion and desire. Where in a moment the world seems to have stopped, seems to have been

turning around us two. The tender brush of your hand against my cheek,

as you tangle your fingers in my hair. Leads to a long stare into loving eyes.

While a slow sensual kiss takes breath from our lungs, with a fiery burn.

Two hearts skip a beat as the pound harder.

I can hear your breathing ragged deep and shallow, as We entangle

our lips in kisses that enchant our souls. Our hearts seem to be beating

in time together. Softly, tenderly and with fervor our yearning continues.

With trembling hands we explore new love, new passions, and deep desire.

Within our own little world, not caring what or who else is there.


© Copyright 2019 Dell Anne Raye . All rights reserved.

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