Story of a lost dog

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This story I wrote hoping to open peoples minds a bit and understand that animals feel and think. They feel emotions. This entire stories written in the dogs perspective so I hope you enjoy..I do tell you..This is very sad and I cry every time I read it.

Submitted: April 14, 2007

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Submitted: April 14, 2007



Today was my first human was really exited and decided to get me something special.A new shinny collar! Oh I was so happy with my human...he had rescued me from a really bad place,they had all sorts of cages and They liked to hurt us.I remember my mommy had all sorts of wires hooked to her. Not me though my human saved me. My human worked for a nother human named PETA ,now I've never met Peta but she sounds really nice! She has people all over go and save us animals, Im so happy my human saved me.

I Was out in the backyard playing this morning,but these kids scared me! They were throwing stones at me and it hurt getting hit.I was so afraid that i dug out from under the fense and ran,I remember getting into a trash can and magically being lifted in the air by this giant metal dog which tipped me foreward and ate me. There was lots of smelly trash in its bellie.,and i couldnt figure out how to get out! The giant metal dog fianlly stopped moving and decided to go to the bathroom I guess thats what it did anyways. I remember being tossed out of the thing and rolling on the ground.So many new sounds and smells here. I could smell a human,but this human seemed very bad. I was beaten again by my new human, he says I'm still to tame and I need to be mean. I Dont want to be a bad boy..I want my human...My face is swollen and my mouth tastes of blood. It hurts me to walk now because my legs feel weird...I want to go home to my humans bed...

Today I bit some one...He was poking me and it hurts so bad...The police came and said I was a danger to the public..Im in a small cage now with food...I havent eaten in a very long time...I see a hand comming towards my food but Im so hungry! I quikly bite down on the hand to warn it this is my food! ...They said I couldnt be adopted and that I would be euthinized.

Today is the day I'll be euthinized but I dont understand what that is. ...then my ears perk up. My humans here! ..My human he will take me home I know he will!...My human stops and looks at me he cries..I dont understand whys he sad? I reach out my paw and place it in his hand..he strokes my head and says "good boy" ...i dont understand when he walks away with his head lowered...Wheres he going?

I laid there...he'd come back I know he'd come back...the hour passes humans left me...? A man in a white coat steps over and lets me out attaching a leash to my collar. Yes I knew my master was going to take me home...Im lead to a big room my master stands next to that large cold shinny bed...So I was going to take a nap before going home..That didnt seem so bad...but why was master so sad.... my master lifts me up on the table and my tail wags i love my master I can't wait to go home.

My master cries and hugs me and says " my good boy I'm so sorry" ...why? I was going to go home..I see that man in the white coat take out a needle and understand. Im getting shots masters sorry because he knows I hate them. I lift up my muzzle and give him a kiss he cries even more as the needle is placed into my paw. I felt fine for a moment and then i felt heavy...I whimpered a bit and then i....

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