The land of the yellow, brown and green

Africa has a spirit like every human has a soul 
the spirit of Africa is something that belongs to the 
land and to the people who inhabit the lands. 
The land and sky full of spirit, 
and anything you touch or see or come across is too full of spirit. 
 Africa is the land no one understands because they 
do not understand the spirit, 
it is not something like a soul it is something in the air, 
the land, the trees, the people, 
and the spirit is something you have to feel when you come to Africa. 
It cannot be explained because it is a spirit, 
nothing about the spirit is dangerous, or harmful, 
or will anyone feel like the spirit is malignant of an evil conjurer 
or a magician’s trick. The spirit was always there, 
it was not placed there by a foreign man or 
someone who wanted to create 
and evolve the land and its inhabitants. 
The spirit is what makes Africa itself unknown 
to the outside world, for people do not appreciate 
Africa and its beauty because they do not 
understand what to see, or think, or know, 
or care for, and they do not want to slow down their time 
and enjoy Africa. 
When one travels to Africa or closes their eyes 
and tries to imagine a beautiful place 
with luscious green fields and intricate strips of grass 
swaying left and right to the gentle passing of the wind, 
and the sun beaming down looking at the pride of the people of Africa, 
with the trees singing a song in the heat of the 
atmosphere and the zebra being chased by the tigers 
or lions it is the beautiful spirit of Africa that brings it all alive. 
 Open your eyes and imagine Africa, 
imagine a place where mystery and lore presides 
over the earth and every step one walks 
disturbs the creatures of the land; 
imagine the unknown coming alive before your eyes; 
imagine the birds were the guardians of the 
knowledge of true path and you are to follow 
them as they glide here and there about the sky, 
imagine taking a journey with them as they 
traverse you through the multiple planes of existence 
and magic that is in the land of Africa; 
imagine being here and starting over again 
as if you had a new life and new beginning; 
Africa is like the new soul that one reincarnates 
into if death be the only escape of one’s life than 
imagine Africa being the place one will be reborn. 
The spirit of Africa is like an art work, like a musical performance, 
like the kids outside in the dirty ponds 
splashing the water onto each other’s faces, 
the spirit resides in everything one does 
and thinks and you will not even know that 
the spirit helps you along; imagine Africa like anything 
else but it is the spirit of Africa that makes it so special.

Submitted: January 10, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Kadi . All rights reserved.

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Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

The imagery in this poem is fantastic! I loved this, felt like I was there in Africa, you sir, are talented :D

Wed, January 23rd, 2013 12:29am


thanks, i hope you really enjoyed it, i dont think i wrote it so well but i tried to capture something that is very hard to put in words

Mon, March 18th, 2013 9:10am

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