The Deep Lands of....

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The Effect of places

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



I deeply in longing, deeply without her touch, deeply in sadness for not to see freinds with smiles,  deeply lost in my avaricious testimonies of happiness and a lived fantasy, deeply without the chill of the phosporos air that filled my morning lungs, deeply in the midst of a battle of crossroads, but I take from it all the one thing a soul needs to replenish on a day to day serving, I am deeply in the happiest constraints of my momentary being, I fathom a reality that I will deeply be connected again, I am sure that with my soul I will intertwine with hers, the deepness of any act I partake will be forged in hers, no deepness of restraints can hold my gorging fire, my deepness of desires is to see the land of the green, the deepest debths of its fresh water streams acquainting well through the deep veins in my body, I seek the entrance back through the deep and colourful tunnel into the land of mystery, a deep symbol of the land of tales and fables, I am darkened by my absence, the dubious call of the sun that distorts my immediate rationality, where am I? my deep lust for her earth crumbling and trickling through the crevice of my sure clinch, I will take my love and together travel, the lights of stars will see me to her once again, the moon deeply infused in its misty surroundings high above holding its grounds,  the deepest of debths can not deter me from my deep insatiable want for a reborn smile, the waves carry deep material with them to my feet, the sea calling a sound that resonates deep with my forgotten childhood, I am not permitted to encounter the land again? why am I deeply in this disarray, is it not the land of the legends that gave me a happiness? it must be that, I only want to give back that which was unceremoniously handed to me through a mutual acceptance of each other. I am deeply in her debt!

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