A Leopards Leap

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Complete nonsense, not really going anywhere and no point to it

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



A Leopards Leap

Her name was Anna.

Anna was a very shy girl, she was just two and a half, she was a leaopard and wished she could explore.

But the swamp where she lived was in a large flat land and there was a wide ravine circling it so Anna could not leave the swamp.

She had explored every inch of the swamp by now and knew her  way around like no one else.

There were others who lived in the swamp but they held no interest in learning the land, they weren't interested in exploring like she was.

Anna would sometimes sit at the edge of the swamp and stare down into the depths of the ravine, as far as she knew no one had ever left the swamp, but then, no one was interested in leaving the swamp.

She sighed and rested her head on her paws, the ravine was just three metres wide and many a times had Anna contemplated leaping accross, but she was scared of not making it.

'Anna' she turned.

Laura stood there, Laura was the same age as Anna but small for her age, Anna knew there was no way Laura could leap three metres.

'Mother and Puma caught a deer! they said us young ones could have it!'

Puma was Anna's father, Anna's mother was dead while Laura's father was dead so Puma and Laura's mother had mated.

There were few young leopards, just Anna, Laura, Laura and Anna's little half brother Benny and Vitch, Vitch was just a little older than Anna and Laura, he was alot bigger too.

Anna nodded 'Where did they catch it? did Sheenan say?' Sheenan is Laura's mother's name.

'Puma said he found it near the east side of the swamp, right near the ravine'.




Once again Anna was staring accross the ravine, on the otherside she could see more swamp, that wasn't very interesting but beyond that she could see daylight, on the otherside of that swamp was some sort of pale brownish dirt, lots of it.

Laura came up behind Anna 'what are you looking at?'

'There's funny looking dirt over there'.

Laura snorted 'that's sand'.

Anna frowned 'sand?'


Still Later


Startled, Anna turned 'Puma' she greeted before switching her gaze back to the stuff Laura had called sand.

'What are you doing?' questioned Puma, a frown on his face.

Anna shrugged 'wondering what it's like on the otherside of the ravine'.

Puma looked panicked 'don't go to the otherside of the ravine!' he exclaimed 'you could get hurt! it's not our place to leave this swamp!'

Anna didn't answer, instead she gave him a level gaze and walked away, her tail lowered in sadness.

'Sorry kiddo' whispered Puma as he watched his daughter walk away.

In that moment he thought of Anne, Anna's mother, she'd been like Anna, she'd loved exploring, nothing could tame her wild side, in the end she'd leapt accross the ravine and never returned,



The next day

Anna gazed at the ravine, a growl arose in her throat and she backed up, before bunching her muscles up and running forward, she flew accross the ravine, landing safely on the otherside.

Her resolve wavered and she looked over her shoulder, her eyes sad as she looked over her home, she would be back but first she wanted a taste of freedom, she wanted to see new places.

In the swamp she could see Vitch and Laura rolling around, playing, there was no future here for Anna.

There were no males young enough to mate with (asides from Vitch and Laura had staked claim on him) and nothing ever happened.

Anna set onwards...


The sun had set and Anna was curled up under a tree, she'd explored the swamp, she wasn't very interested in it, it was just like her old home.

Next Anna would explore the land of sand, she hoped she would find someone out there, she wanted to meet some new people, it'd make a change from Vitch and Laura with their lovey-dovey business, Sheenan's agressiveness, Puma's quiet wiseness, Benny's activeness, the elders, Benito and Nika's bossiness and the young couple, Hanata and Hanabi were just like Vitch and Laura.

Anna needed to find her own life and make new friends.



When Anna woke up the air was warm, she looked up, realizing she was very close to the sand place.

She stretched out before slowly walking over, her eyes narrowed as she stared down at a few grains of sand, she carefully put one paw out and sat it on the sand.

Anna didn't know what she had been expecting but this certainly wasn't it.

The sand was warm, Anna liked the feel of the sand beneath her paws, she took a few steps forward, enjoying the light on her fur.


'Ah!' Anna cried out as she was knocked over, she and whoever had knocked her over went rolling, ending up with the other person on top of her.

He looked like her but different, his fur was a golden white sandy color, like the sand, he had a long tail with a puff of fur at the end and a large mane of fur around his neck.

'What are you?' asked Anna, her eyes wide as she stared up at him.

'A lion, duh' he frowned at her then sniffed her face 'your a leopard, you look like my pride leaders mate, smell like her too'.

'a leopard leads your pride?'

The lion shook his head 'no, he's a lion but his mate is a leopard'



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