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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Roy, hunter to all of humanities newest and oldest haunts.

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014




He knew he wasn’t alone in the profession or others similar. It had been ten years since the awakening. At least, that’s what Roy had heard it called. He didn’t care much for the title though. As far as most folk were concerned the world had been flipped upside down and the only good thing to come out of it was the Alfar.

“Damn long ears.” He mumbled under his breath. He had seen one once, and its ‘bond-mate’. They were holding hands on a street corner in his hometown. They looked so strange, so alien, and god forbid you fall in love with one; xeno’s, damned perverts even started looking like them. A lot of people weren’t happy about them getting access to the states but they were the only ones that knew how to help with all the monsters that started coming out of the damned woodwork.

Roy looked at the envelope on the passenger seat of his van with a curious look, he wondered if his reputation was spreading because this was the biggest front of cash he had ever received. He was surprised also because he tried to work under the radar. He already had to avoid the authorities so he wondered how news of his exploits had traveled so far. But there it was, stuffed with cash, all twenty grand of it and twice that promised when he finished the job.

“Sixty grand.” He even liked the taste of the words on his lips. That would buy him enough ammunition and equipment for many more jobs, this was win win. The thought of it washed the troubles of late from his mind like a soothing bath.

He nodded his head with a grin and continued driving down the old unkempt road. A small sign illuminated by the headlights of his van said Kelowna.

“Nice, this is the place.” The roads thus far had been winding and pretty treacherous and he’d been braving the dark of the snow for some time. The lights of the small place were a welcome change. He flicked off his high beams, at the same time stopped tapping on the steering wheel along with the radio. He leaned up close to his windshield and squinted to see the names on the buildings as he drove by.

“Big White… yep, that’s it!” He clumsily pulled up to the building, zipped up his big jacket and was about to turn the van off when he saw the door open and a balding man with a fur coat pulled hastily over a business suit rush out of the building. He waved at Roy and pointed to the alleyway leading behind the facility.

“Got it bro.” Roy mumbled to himself as he flipped it into reverse, repositioned himself and then headed down the back way. He parked in one of the spaces and stepped out of the van in time to see the man in the suit coming around the corner of the building.

“Mr. Johnston?” the man called out.

“Just Roy, Pal. This a good place for me to park?” he pointed to his van.

“Yes yes Mr… er Roy.” He visibly corrected himself. “I hope you’re not horribly offended, but we would like to keep your presence here a bit of a secret. We aren’t exactly announcing our,” he leaned in closer, “problem.” The last word was a whisper.

“No prob bob, you’re the one signin the paycheck.” Roy smiled.

“OK, with that out of the way, we have a guest room all set up for you and it’s fully stocked. We were hoping you would be able to limit your investigation to just the grounds and not inside the lodge.”

“But a werewolf is human most of the month boss, how do you propose I find him when I can only stalk the wolf?”

The man pursed his mouth in an attempt not to frown.

“Ok, but please, limit your time in the lodge and please utilize the nighttime hours outside the lodge. This problem is embarrassing enough.”

“Don’t blame you boss, bet it’s bad for the business.” Roy nodded his head for a moment. “Tell you what, I’ll start on the outside tonight and if I don’t find a trace I’ll try to stick to low traffic hours inside the lodge. You know, early, early morning and just after sunset when every body’s all tucked up in bed and cozy.”

“Very well, Roy. If you need anything the staff has been told to accommodate you. Your room is that building there.” The man pointed to one of the Cabins they kept.

“Mr.…” Roy reached his hand out.

“Oh,” the man took his hand. “Mr. Collins.”

“Mr. Collins, why do you think you have a Werewolf?” he asked.

“Come with me,” the man swallowed and led him in the back door of the lodge. Just inside was the kitchen with two full rows of ovens and a long prep Island with sinks in between. Mr. Collins led him down one of the walkways to a large walk in freezer unit. He opened the door with a heavy look of disdain.

Inside the fridge were two frozen, mangled bodies, wrapped in heavy plastic wrap. Even through the plastic he could tell there wasn’t much left of them.

“Ouch.” Roy grimaced. “They look like mulch, guess you could use ‘em for fertilizer.” He gave a half smile.

Mr. Collins frowned.

“Do you know who they were?”

“Yes, both were groundskeepers and both were found near the edge of the grounds miles to the east. I had hoped that it was just now encroaching on our lands and not a guest.”

“Okay, anything else I need to know?”

“Please dispose of it when you are done, simple proof is good enough for me, like a picture.”

“You got it boss; I’ll go get to work.”

Roy headed out the way he came and re-parked his van next to the Cabin. The key was in the door waiting for him. Once inside he closed the door and tossed his bag onto the couch.

“Wow Mr. Collins, this isn’t bad at all!”

The cabin was fully furnished and much more spacious then he had originally thought. There was a kitchen, a small dining room, a living room and a hallway that led to a bedroom and a full bathroom with its own Jacuzzi.

“You and I have a date after I’m done in the morning,” Roy winked at the Jacuzzi. “And don’t you worry none, miss, I plan to fill you up just the way you like it!”

He’d spent an hour traipsing through the snow with his rifle and homemade body armor on. The skeleton like trees had dumped snow on him twice already and the cold was starting to get to him.

“God I miss Texas.” He mumbled to himself. A chill wind whipped by him almost as a response and he scowled. He had seen absolutely nothing that drew suspicion. No fur on branches, no howls, no carcasses or more bodies and the snow had covered his own tracks as he walked; he wasn’t going to find any old tracks that night.

He grunted and turned around, heading back in the direction of his Cabin when he saw movement just to his left peripheral. He pulled up the rifle and looked through the scope. There it was that telltale set of reflective eyes.

“Mother fucking coyote.” The word fell out of his mouth sounding like kai-oat. He lowered his weapon and then swung it back up quickly when he heard the coyote cry out. The scope revealed a coyote ripped to pieces. Part of it was spread up a nearby tree.

“Holy Damn…” Roy said as he followed the trail of coyote up the tree with his scope. Whatever had killed it had been fast, and ruthless. “I ain’t never seen that before.”

He moved slowly in the direction of the recent carnage, he reached down and pulled the combat knife from the sheath on his thigh and held the rifle, steeling himself for close combat instead. He knew werewolves were born hunters, but there were also ferocious and didn’t care to pass up on a kill.

“Hey beasty!” He shouted, “Why don’t you come and get me! I’ll be damned if I don’t taste better than that scrawny critter did!”

He was downwind, and the sound of the crackling branches reached him quickly. He knelt down and pulled the scope off of his rifle. He pulled it up and ran the horizon with it, catching something that moved very quickly, both through the trees and across the ground. Sometimes he had to hold the scope ahead of its game and when it past his vision he had to jump ahead again.

“Oh shit,” he realized it was circling around him, trying to block his way back to the cabin.

He followed the creature’s progress to a point where it seemed to stop. He still couldn’t make it out; it was clever enough to stay well hidden. He took a few steps in its general direction and stopped. He looked down and could see the trip wire.

“The fuck?” he looked at the trap confused. “Ain’t any werewolf sets a trap like that.” He pulled the nine mm from his other leg and strapped his rifle over his back, keeping the knife at the ready. Then he started moving the opposite direction that the creature had, making his own wide arc towards the cabin, trying not to truly backtrack at all. He was pretty sure what ever this was had been following him and then set him up.

He made the slow trek back to the cabin without further incident all the while wondering what it was he was up against. If only one small blessing, it had finally stopped snowing.

Once back at the cabin he unzipped the jacket and dropped his extra gear next to the couch. He stripped off his clothes as he continued down the hallway until he reached the Jacuzzi.

“See babe? Everything you’ve been dreaming about.” He motioned to his naked body with a smile and then turned the water on. He went back into the other room stashing his gear in many places throughout the cabin making sure nothing could get the drop on him. But he wasn’t worried too much, sunrise was minutes away and there wasn’t any werewolf threat after sunrise. He stopped by the kitchen and opened the fridge finding that Mr. Collins was true to his word, there were meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables waiting for him. He grabbed a couple of bratwurst and threw them in the microwave.

A few minutes later he was soaking in the Jacuzzi with his bratwurst on a plate next to it, relaxing and letting the cold slowly seep from his bones. That’s when he heard a scratching at the wall next to him. He went silent, listening intently. It was sporadic, and only lasted a few more seconds. Then, as abruptly as it started, it stopped. He thought nothing more of it and finished his food, getting out of the tub and falling into a hard sleep after his long night.

He woke a few hours later to the sun glaring in at him through the window.

He groggily rolled out of bed and stood up, scratching both his head and his ass on the way to the bathroom. Just before he was about to leave the bathroom he turned and grinned. “I see you stayed the night, eh babe?”

The Jacuzzi didn’t reply.

He laughed to himself and got dressed, and then he checked his watch and decided to couch potato until a bit later before he went to the Lodge to talk to Mr. Collins about what happened. Then he decided he may want to go check out what that scratching noise had been, so he threw on some clothes and headed outside. He was not expecting what he found, and what he found made the color fade from his skin.

“Looking forward to tonight, handsome, don’t stand me up,” was carved into the wall of his cabin.

He just stood there staring at the wall when Mr. Collins walked up.

“Well Roy. Does this mean we have a problem?” he looked at the wall. “A werewolf I mean?”

“Oh we have a problem, but I don’t know what the fuck it is.” He clenched his jaw a moment. “But don’t you worry none. I’ll still take care of it.”

Mr. Collins nodded in his approval and made his way back into the Lodge.

“Shit, I need a drink.” He looked out at the snowy horizon to see the sun getting close to setting and decided to go into the Lodge bar for a drink before getting down to business.

He swaggered in like he would any other bar and sat at a stool, nodding to a bartender to come his way.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Double of whiskey.” After a second the bartender slid the two drinks his way and Roy smiled back at him in thanks. The first one he slammed and growled at the burn in his throat, shaking his head to help it pass. And then he noticed a third drink show up.

“Hey barkeep, I didn’t order a third one.” He looked at the bartender who pointed to one of the tables.

Sitting at the table, with her legs crossed in a lavender dress, was a woman with dark skin and satiny black hair. She smiled and pointed to the open chair at her table with one delicate hand.

Roy took no more convincing and quickly shot one of the drinks, picked up the other two and moved over to her table.

“Much obliged for that extra drink, is there something I can get you ms…” he looked at her kindly.

“Just Ashtira, no Ms. or Mrs.” She had a slight Indian accent but it was soft on her full dark lips. Her golden brown eyes wrapped in black eyeliner regarded him over flawless cheeks and fine features. Her dress was cut low and she had ample cleavage. And she knew it, because she leaned forward when she spoke.

“You seemed lonely over at the bar and I hoped you would want some company.”

“Well Ashtira,” he tried not to butcher the word. “I am in your debt. And if being your company is what you desire, than far be it from me to withhold anything from such a beauty. That is, if you don’t mind my saying so. And my name is Roy.”

“Well, Roy, I don’t mind at all.” She smiled, it was spellbinding. “So, what brings you up to this part of the world?”

“Well, I’m here on business.” He took a sip of whiskey.

“And what is it that you do?”

“Oh,” he paused a moment, “I’m a hunter. I was hired on by the owner to take care of some game that wandered onto the property.” He smiled. “How about you? What brings such a beautiful woman like you up here?”

“Purely pleasure,” she leaned in closer, revealing more of her cleavage. “I was hoping it could be your pleasure as well as mine, if you know what I mean.”

Roy coughed a bit on his whiskey as his eyes widened.

“Oh Ashtira, that is a mighty fine offer. And I am kicking myself right now, but I have a job to do tonight.” He sighed, hardly believing his own words.

“That is a respectable quality where I am from, Roy.” She smiled.

“Tell you what, if you’re still interested in a few hours give a swing by my cabin, I’ll make a good clean sweep of the woods tonight and head in early. You’re more than welcome to stop in. In fact, here,” he pulled the key from his pocket. “I’ll gather my stuff and do my thing, but you can let yourself in if you like.”

“Why thank you, I guess I’ll just have to make myself comfortable while you make sure we are all safe.” She reached out and took the key from him gently.

“On that note then sweetheart, I will take my leave. Be seeing you soon!”

“Roy, one last thing,” she fished a small tube from her pocket. “Its chapstick, keep it, the cold can do horrible things to lips.”

“I’m in your debt Ashtira.” He downed the last shot took a deep breath, put his cowboy hat back on and headed out the door. She turned her head slightly sideways and watched his ass as he walked away.

That night it was cold. The first night it was cold, but this night it was really cold. There were no clouds in the sky for insulation and the temperatures were just punishing. Roy’s face burned and his fingers were starting to go numb. He had been out a few hours and done grid patterns around the grounds closest to the various cabins and had disabled the trap from the night before. But on this night he saw only a Moose. And that moose was totally uninterested. Roy had the feeling the moose thought it was fucking cold too. So finally he scanned the horizon one last time with his scope and headed back to his cabin. He looked at the clawed marks on his wall one last time.

“Bitch, you stood me up!” he laughed and headed to the door. He found it unlocked and grinned knowing he’d hit the jackpot.

“Roy?” he heard her call from the other room. “Sitting naked in this Jacuzzi is awfully lonely.”

Roy didn’t need any more hints than that, he had stripped nude practically before he was all the way in the cabin. When he got to the bathroom, the sight took his breath away.

Ashtira lay against the side of the Jacuzzi with her arms behind her head. Her dark hair was wet and clung to her shoulders. Her dark breasts were ample and held just above the waterline. The inviting look in her eyes was entrancing. Her arms unfolded from behind her head and she beckoned to him with a finger.

“Come on lover, come take me.”

“Oh wow… you aint gotta ask me twice, beautiful.” He stepped into the Jacuzzi and got settled, pulling up one of her feet and kissing her ankle while she smiled at him.

“Do you know where I would really like that?” she asked.

“Mmm… where honey?”

She grinned and pointed down below the water. Then laid her head back gently against the side of the Jacuzzi and groaned as his lips met hers.

When he came up for air she pulled him up against her, feeling his shaft rub against her lips. She kissed him solidly on the mouth slipping her tongue just past his teeth. Roy stopped, his brow furrowed and he stared in the mirror behind them. His reflection stared back, alone.

He looked back at the woman in his arms.

“What is it lover?” her smile now had a dark element to it that he had not seen before.

He looked back at the mirror in shock. She had no reflection. He looked back at her one more time and this time her dark eyes were no longer brown. He watched, stunned, as red lines traveled from the corners of her eyes and wrapped her pupils in a reddish hue. She smiled and revealed four upper fangs, two on each side.

Roy’s mind raced as he tried to throw himself out of the Jacuzzi. But he could feel a hand wrapping around his waist with an iron grip.

The two shot up out of the water and she pinned him to the ceiling. Her body held his to the textured surface.

“And you thought I stood you up.” She whispered, her lips caressing his ear.

Roy’s heart thudded in his chest as fear gripped him. He had heard the talk in the bars that hunters frequented. He listened with half a mind sometimes as someone would talk of them. No one really believed the stories, the ruthless efficiency, the toying with victims, that no one had ever killed one… they were the stories meant to scare new hunters into being careful, weren’t they?

Ashtira bit her lip with one side of those menacing fangs and kissed him. He closed his mouth and turned his head. Her blood smeared across his lips and his cheek.

Ashtira floated down and released him back into the tub. She settled back comfortably with a satisfied look on her face, blood smeared across her lips.

Roy frantically dashed over the side of the tub with thoughts of survival as a wave of nausea washed over him. He stopped, on his hands and knees, his eyes wide with terror and the realization dawning.

“Roy,” Ashtira’s voice rang in his ears from behind him as he stared at the wall. “Feeling nauseous? That’s how it starts. You should have used the chap stick.”

© Copyright 2020 Kaelly Daultan. All rights reserved.

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