Simply Thank You

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Medically, physically, emotionally & spiritually. These past few weeks have been crazy, and I really appreciate the things my mom has done for me and how she's been right here by my side thru' every step of the way. She's an outstanding mother, role model and now friend. We've never been so close ? and I love it.

Though I can't seem to stop crying.

  you're who i see thru' my tears,

& while I'm scared as all hell, its comforting knowing your here.

  Out of all the faces & voices I wish were near.

You not being one is my biggest fear.

To put your life more so on-hol, for the good of [another]

  Is only the trait of the upmost respected [mother] 

Not every child is born, and then loved. 

  But it's as if you're the hand to deliver me & your love the gloves.

--Thank you for everything you do, have done & will do.

you're the fashionably helpful laces on my new shoes.

--Thank you for being so stong for me.

I know you hiding your fears to provide for me..

--Thank you for simply being my MOM

a blessing I cherish so please simply "Mom-on"


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Submitted: February 17, 2013

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