What Was Right.

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Inspired by an old heart break and, all the pain it left. All this happened a long time ago but I was thinking about it so wrote a little something to collect the thoughts

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



For on that night I didn't ask the life out of me.

I praised the ground thy feet lay on.

Yet the actions deliberately taken

Were in my least interest and left harm consistently done.

Love did approve of the feelings bestowed upon us.

I gave my all to prove nothing comes before us.

Thus I cried at night for what reasons.

You believed what was done had to be right.

Killing me softly with gentle stinging kisses

scented with aroma's not belonging to me.

The impressions of another woman signature caresses your car seats

Was there any reason to lie to me?

Gave everything I could possibly give.

Cared more than any sane lover should.

Drove myself crazy over thoughts through out the nights.

But what you done you feel was right.

Right to lay a hand on the ones you claimed "love" to

Was it right to have others calling you baby every night ?

Is it right for me to cry while you put up little to no fight ?

Do you really believe what you did was right?

Right was betral.

Heartache & irony.

Derailed emotions that hunted then inspired me.

Now i love by a love that is right.

Because you showed me how not to be What Was Right.

Thank You.


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