Hope of Brightness

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Westernization and Modernization, in or another way, minimizes the cultural values of the underdeveloped world and so called developed world tries to expand their culture. This is partially due to the lack of strong and willing-to-do government and partially due to the over influence from the western side. There are still opportunities and strengths that can be mobilized to be a respectful people in the world in terms of culture and its values.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011





Hope of Brightness


"Hey guys! How are you?"  A lady shouted in loud voice, albeit, already introduced, I did not identify her. I have a very bad habit of forgetting people; it's insensible to the people rather than ignoring them. My memory capacity is weak, it creates problem for many times. Although I want to build the picture in my mind, everything vanishes slowly, I wish to create a vivid picture but it vanishes inside the cloud.

"Oh! Susanne, Mow..." an African girl kissed her and I recalled the name, thank god! This black girl reminded me the name of this middle-aged woman. Otherwise I would be called careless and unmannered woman.  

She came nearby me and hugged, we were embracing each other. I felt quite discomfort with her. The smell of alcohol thinly over came outside from her mouth, and I was hurried to end the circumstances. I hate the warm breath mixed with alcohol.  

'Ah, hugging, kissing, and embracing! It is causal greeting for them, not for us. We rarely hug in our country. We greet by joining our ten fingers and leaning towards the land, which is called "Namaste". We hesitate to hug; shy to cry in vain, we like to be demure, and prove ourselves childlike. However I did, I imitated the western culture and to some extent felt superior. It was not my fault; it was the result of westernization, modernization. It is not the cultural shock; instead, stimulation of culture. '

"Hello Geeta! Be like a European girl, quite dauntless; like "Tiger", not the fragile, innocence "Lamb", push your hands tightly while shaking, the hug must be energetic, thrilling." She advised me, her advice was unkind for me because I was not taught to do this. I was taught to remain silent, to be soft, to touch affectionately, and to respect politely. Still I tried to copy them; despite my imitation she gave me advice. It might be their great pleasure that we helped them by copying their language, culture and spreading it far from their land. Instead of pardoning, she suggested me and I accepted her.  

"Yea, off course I will do, thanks for suggestion." I smiled sarcastically and in reply she only shook her head.  I said reluctantly, it was the condition of poor people from poor nation. I did not try to argue in favour of my culture. The Westernization is global and very near truth like the cosmic truth, which can't be minimized, and the argumentation would be not so important. I tried to be modern, still I am doing so, but wearing jeans and listening BBC does not mean the symbol of modern. Sometimes, I feel, apparently I am wasting time to be more like western people and to adopt western civilization. I don't know how important it is to be amalgamation in everything.'

Nearly fifteen people gathered there, we were going to Brussels, Capital city of Belgium. Susanne counted the people, one was late, she sneered at him, exposed her aggression and after all we left him.

'Hum! It was the value of time for them. They calculate even the second, so they go ahead. By heart, I did not want to compare everything with my nation and people but, every moment bitted. We felt proud to be late, but, here, five minutes late is the punishment that nobody waited for him. That pinched me sharply, albeit, I was none for them.'

'I smiled for myself, looking outside I visualized the scenario of my city where lots of buses, cars, motor-bikes, trucks, and so on, and their incessant horns, oh my God! But here everything is so smooth, systematic, regulated by some mechanism. There are not traffic police but there is not traffic jam, there is no horns of vehicles but everything is okay. Everything is fit and fine, so they are proud for their system and development. Again I gave a sarcastic smile, thank God nobody noticed it.'

 I peered outside the window and saw very well managed farming, groups of cattle; very charming agricultural land. My eyes were not blinking, continuously, I was looking. There was beautifully managed harvesting of wheat, potatoes, sugar plant and plenteous grapes harvest. My eyes were so eager to capture the agricultural beauty.  But the rapid speed of motor in highway didn't left ample moment.  My eyes were looking searchingly through the window and I noticed some house, might belong to the farmer, so beautiful, so clean road, and car in each yard.

Again something pitched me, my heart dragged near by the poor farmer of my village, ' If the peasants have proud on their occupation, appropriate price for their work, knowledge of the subject, it would be honourable profession.  Unfortunately, Nepal, being an agricultural land, farmers are subjugated, relegated, they work hard but, they gain nothing.  That's how things are, and must be accepted. We are very fast to copy things which are less important and delay to absorb the knowledge that can clear the path for future.'

"Everybody gets down, if you wish, you people can drink coffee, take sandwich and others of your demands. Susanne orders take off our seat-belt and get down. It was very cold outside and, everybody was quivering."

We stopped in the wide-up road side, there was a cafeteria. Everybody followed her, but I didn't, I wanted to go myself and ask something to eat. I wanted to be superior, to some extent, independent. Unexpectedly, I was unable to communicate the shopkeeper. He knew French and I knew English and Nepali. Who cares what I speak! Co-incidentally, Susanne was behind me and I requested for help, I chose a mushroom sandwich and she became my mouth person.

"You know, it is better to learn French. It will be very helpful in Europe. And Geeta, are you learning German? It is very important to learn German language when you are in German. I can support you to find the institutions where German language is taught. It will be easier to communicate in supermarket and other offices."

"Of course, Mrs. Susanne, I am learning German language, and if I need further information I will contact you. Thanks a lot for everything. I found the language course very interesting and I am enjoying it. I hope in my near future, I can communicate fluently."

Again, I gave her thanks in vain, she did nothing so praiseworthy, and however I thanked her, I did very nonsense! She proposed me to adopt her culture, and I thanked her.  'We poor people adopt of the rich people. The prosperity of people always makes them frank, they are people who always go ahead and poor one follows them. These wealthy people from developed nations are guide for the people from poor nation. Even the beggars, from developed nations have knowledge of technology. In this post-modern era technology is everything and we beggars from beggar country have nothing left for argumentation. What a misfortune! We know how to thank them, how to please them, and have a blueprint of their culture.  

"It's great glad to be with all of you, some of you are from Africa, some from Asia, and of course, some of us are European. Very nice amalgamation, it is the subject of proud, na!" Susanne again shouted when we were in bus. I really enjoyed the horticulture-like group, some black, some brown, some white guys, and most important part was the gathering of multiple-religions;  Hindus, Muslims, Christians.

"Wow! What a nice city, Brussels, quite artistic! Hmm I like it and you?" A black girl asked with me.

"Very nice, it is very attractive."  I simply replied without any exaggeration.

"Are you tired?" a white man asked me.

"No, no I am just wondering with the beauty of the city."

"Hmm, amazing! I have heard about your country, naturally, your country is terribly beautiful, yeah?"

"Hundred percent, Nepal is naturally beautiful, when you will have time, don't forget to visit." I explained in pride. 

'What a melancholic situation! My land is beautiful but I know she will be destroyed in near future. No greenery will be remained; river will flows with mud rather than of water. Natural environment will be polluted and manmade environment be will be harassing. Technologically backward, naturally destroyed land, and what will remain as her existence!' I sighed, felt panic but said nothing.

  Everyone was spellbound with the beauty of city and eager to take photograph, a Muslim girl cried and ready for photo, she rotated her wrist, gave pose and enjoyed. Many of us did same, and had very funny evening.

After returning the hostel, I lied in the bed and imagined of terribly beautiful Nepal, 'where everyone is busy, there is value of work, no humiliation of labour, education system is practical, respect for humanity, positive attitude regarding youth and their interest, competition for knowledge rather than property, honourable worth for youth movement, and uppermost one of the beautiful city, where there is no economic crisis, political clash, regional partition.'

I covered my face, sank in the hope of being in Nepal, spreading my cultural influence, political authority, and living a respectful life on my own land. I didn't turn off the light. It remains brightening all the night.




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