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a false dream.

Submitted: March 21, 2012

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Submitted: March 21, 2012



i see,the world in my own way. i like things done in a timely fashion and with some order to it. i could possibley have the mind of a sick dictator. i would hope not,but my mind runs in cirlcles and can neva quite settle. i find my self watching this show the walking dead. very good show at first i ddn't like it. but it grew on me sorta like tru blood in some sort of fashion. instead of vampires they used Wolves hierarchy. that how i see the show alpha male bla bla bla even down to the point of where the males fight for dominance,that part was great u could hear the dogs in the background,oh there is one black dog who seem to get injured alot but never dies,that always a good thing Tokens.theres the kids too. in my head that is. a child got killed the other day which seem to be the biggest even so far in the news. the 'shooter' is still free which is weird.i feel like htat is incorrect the community will correct this problem i hope. i miss my youth. i wish more knowledge was passed down to me.about how the world really works not what they what you to do but what it actually is. i dont know what that is im confused about the matter. i'm still learning.

i began to believe that someone or something is watching over me.i asked and have recieved. one key element i found was negative and positve enegry. for instance if i woke up in a good mood some thing would happen to ruin that,happy moment,and if i draw on that bad 'thing' what eve it may be it continues during the whole day. the only one way i found to fight that,keep a happy thoguht close by and grasp that,and when u do u will feel that negative enegry begin to leave and when it does be ready for a fight because it will try and keep you. the light does not always win.

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