devils door step.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

i sound a lil crazy but. i thought it was a great idea.

Finish him' the crowd yelled madison square garden was pack for this fight,the crowd wanted blood they were tired of a knock out they wanted someone's "death''. the match was the 1003 annual street fight held at the old madison square garden building nyc,this was not your typical fight it was the zfistadon. the rule were simple 2 people enter 2 people walk out. 1 person has to die of course. the oppenents would fight each other to the death with just there fist. It was the world to me.

The elders speak of a time when the world was dead, he is senile in his old age there is no such thing as death. i remember when i was younger he used to tell me stories of how people would died,and death was common. i think this is nonsense like i said he's crazy.

Getting ticket to this match took me 2012 years,i wanted to remember this i joined the crowd in it chant.


My grandfather speaks to me these days as if im a savage hardly.I'm only a few thousand years old im not a child anymore.

he speak of a time where people 'died' and women could have children. can u imagine giving birth like savages,animals

disgusted to even think my grand father would think of us so low!

The match was between ryan the cheat and s the icepick. icepick was know for his cheating and so was ryan the promoters ran ad's for a few hunded years i got tired of seeing this on the tv. Now it was time for blood kill him i yell at the top of my lungs. i began thinking what happens if he really did kill him....

i smiled i really hope he does.

IT wasn't a plague,war,or even anytype of natural diaster that lead to the world asking one important question.

When will the rapture come?

women did not give birth anymore,men did not need food. blood was spilled and blood was regained. it was in a slight.. a change, the oldest people on the planet speak of a time when time of war,was met with time of tears. there was a time that you could get killed over a piece of candy. there is how ever hope. there is always hope.

Right now as i write this to u a man tall and slender has the secrect of immortality. his body has not decayed.

They have studied his body for centuries and still have not found an answer,no finger prints,no dental records,nothing to know where this man journey began, is not a mystery how ever how he ended up dead so mystery solved.

Submitted: May 08, 2012

© Copyright 2021 kaftr8drk. All rights reserved.

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