I quit.

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It hard to explain.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



I'm a mistake born in a sand dune a single rose with it's head down facing the harsh weather alone.
At the moment I'm so Down I never dreamt of such a thing as up.
Nothin ever seem to go my way selfish in my own ambition but whom is not.
You were a mistake also the bee sting of realization hurts right!
Sometimes I wish I could shrivel up and die hoping everyone forgets me I have no friends so how hard can it be.
It times like this that I think of the future and I get angry which give sense to such a meaningless life
Whats the meaning of life.. I guess something's can't be explained.
The demons came knocking at my door and I'm afraid I've let them in praying everyday I don't commit the Ultimate Sin.
The words I write are just a humble view of my life in truth I never wanted to be here either such unclear thoughts do you hear the Demons singing.
The tomorrow's of tomorrow's are my worst fear how do I sleeping knowing there's none how shall I continue.
I've always shrouded my self in some kind of fantasy to escape real life.
Stumbling around the world on hope and dreams.
It true I dream and I hope I hope and  i dream.

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