just an idea

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at first it was an idea then i got lost and i forgot what i was writing.

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012



IT CURRENTLY 3:37 AM THURDAY MORN,AND I HAD A STRANGE IDEA FOR SOMETHING INTERSTING.At least, i think soo.... let's just say as u are right now sitting down standing up, laying down ur thinking and your thought's are  that u decided one day to build a time machine now at first u might think that a crazy idea right. what if u build it with your knowledge of not knowing how to build it. Now this migh t be hard for u to believe but what if it worked. The one time you had the guts to turn the machine on you relized that it didnt work. giving it 10 mins you see that nothin will happen untill u open your eyes. that all i got.

i think when i said it out loud it sounded better,from this angle it sound stupid. so let see to shorten it. had a silly idea to build a time machine time machine was build power up waited 10 mins open the door to the lab everything was gone. met myself as a machine in the furture stupid i cant get it right.


i really stink at this writing thing,i read other people stories and im blown away at how good they are i give it a shot and booom nuttin. if anyone read this EVER tips are needed.

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