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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
another one of my silly ideas that i cant write correctly.

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012



Life what an escapde of unknowns. i don't even know where to begin my story to whom ever may read this in the near future or past. there was a time when u could walk outside and hop in ya car and just ride,now earth has come to a stand still. that was six mths ago i myself have no idea what happen because i was in coma at the time for about 10 min no I'm not on drugs.i wish, i had some at this min dough,anyway back to..yeah you see what happen was i won the lotto,lucky me right not,,,me being me,i decided to build my self a time machine. yes a time machine why not?I had the fund to do it so i figured why not so i koggled it. yes i koogled it. i found it and well let just say it took me about 3 mths to complete, that time machine. i myself didn't think it would would but,at the same time one must have faith in the unknown. if u believe in thing like aliens and such then i grant you good luck in life if u do not listen very carefully there out there!. now back to my time machine it was no bigger than a old model cd player i could not believe i did it. hopefully it works. ha that be something wont it. on June 21 just 3 days before my 19 birthday i was gonna test the machine.time machine this is so cool.ha who else have a damn time machine no one i bet no one. i did know how to operate the damn thing i found that out to late.damn oh back to koogle i couldn't find it damn what the fuck is going on. at that point i didn't know what to do do i just turn on this damn thing and hope it works,hmm i said fuck it what the worst that could happen. just to be on the safe side i played with it a Lil bit and figure out the time part that was most important i think.i set it for 10 second in the past. i figured that was a good and safe distance to travel i mean IM not going back 10,000 yrs that would suck. sat down in my fav chair and power up. ............. nothing happed i sear nothing happen i it was the same time i left i know nothing didn't happen i was positive of it.i wasn't wrong either i went to the clock it was 1 min ahead from when i left. damn what a waste of money i cant believe ugg go i got hungry funny got back to the future and u come back starving. grabbing my car key off the dresser i notice it was really quite outside..no cars driving by no birds nothing i tired to open up y front door something was blocking the door from the other side i heard a weird voice stand back booom there goes my door just ripped off the hinges. hey i've been waiting on you i guess i should start by telling u a little about me,there not much to know im a loner. i remember the first time i met him i was at some kid house who live around the way.i wasnt suppose to be there my birth mother did not want me outside wasnt safe she use to always tell me. im a kid what do i know i must venture out. i dont excatly remember how i got to there house but from memory,i remebeer diving into a pool and forgetting that i dont know how to swim. i was a silly little boi at thatt time jumping into trouble head first. death is a funny u can neva be sure when it comming for u and why you but she comes.i remember laying down on the pavement after being pulled out of the water and looking up at the light and all i could hear was a dog barking i found that odd there where other kids around me but,i could not hear there voices only the dog barking. i got up pick my stuff up held my head down i was ashamed i embrassed my self i forgot i could not swim neva again did did i ever return to that house but i ran away from it with the dog chasing after me. questions where neva asked about who father was that did not concern me one bit, kids around the way there who had father lif a life of strict rules,agg rules i dislike rules even dough i know some are for the good of the people.. i taught my self to tinker with anything asked the odd wuestions. think outside off the box. going into my teeage years i realized that this was not the way to think, many people found me weird and shun me away..i always told my self i dont care what they say i dont care what they think im me they just mad there not like me. but inside i wanted to fit in. was that too much to ask? but at the same time i learned much in my teeage outcast years i lear how to fit in. it taught me that much most of the same people who made fun of me are now dead probley this war were in claimed many lives. in my last year of high school many question where asked what are u gonna do after school. go to school get a job? i dint know i was still yung damn a recruiter from the NDC came to speak with me the NDC or national defense council gave everyone a standard test to place them into certain programs from the time we hit the age of 16,my mom informed me of this when i was 15 when i asked around everyone told me my mom was lying they started these test at hte age of 17. i could not believe my mother lie to me when would she tell me somehting like that. on my 3 days before my 16 bitthday 2 men from the NDC showed up at me and my mother home.. a letter was handed to my mother and the gentel me who only gave a name but his name tag said T from the rank markers on his vest i figured he was a Captain. i nicked him captain T. The moon is one big rock,in 2007 strange symbols were discovered when the ndc sent 1 probe along with a landrover bot. a small article was in the daily sun.i remember reading about it. I remember think to my self that strange now there really ailens out there. i guess might have been the only one. manypeople belief were changing more "sighting" where taking place and still no one was getting attacked. words of abduction were uncommon. it was funny the starage symbols on the moon now no more abduction many might think that was a good thing but i was all a lil bit too worried maybe that was my biggest fault about life i'm usually to worried to do anything or say much..this time it was different i ask a precher if she believes in god now that it seem ailens are real. her answer just like all preacher 'child the work of the lord is never done do you think for a second that i would lose faith'? small filty creatures show up and everyone is going crazy but are these not creature of god too i ask she look at me with thos eyes you get from your parents the one u fear the most. i see the darknest in her eyes. 'these filty creatures are the devils work. he showing us false images to makes us lose faith. i never saw that old lady again. i was hungry one day,too lazy to cook i decided to head to the chinese resturant right around the corner, i had plans i could just taste that sweet and sour chicken mm it gonna be good. you think i sound greedy F YOU. You have no clue what kinda day i had shoot im gonna treat my self to the best gourmet food i worked hard. i place my order, some young kids was in the store at the time screaming obsenities at the cook. yo lemme get a $2.75 fcking special b, and make sure u hurry the fck up. im thinking to my self would i do that in the chinese store i mean i dont know wtf them mofo be saying. im be polite when i get my food. no special sauce for me. kid 1 got his food before me i was kinda schocked his ghetto mannerism actually worked.hmm but then i had a different thought as i watched him open it and started eating right there. KIDS are in love witht he chinese special sauce. im good. just before i got my food in walk a big girl. everything spelled hungry the way how she walked in breathing heavy. but moving fast! AT THE same time. i moved out of her way and let her get her order in. i wanna a whole chicken french fries and a large fried rice. Shit was all i thought as she place her order. food for 1? the weird person in the store was the man in the corner eating quitely. there not much that weird about a man or a woamn eating by them selves but when the food is untouched and open and u just stare at someone, it kinda creepy. dont u think. in march the weather started to get warm it actually statred back in febuary but not in the 60 as it was now. bright sunny day temp about 57 to 60 degrees at least that what the weather man said. i just happen to be a lil bit under the cloud the green ones i had the aching for some cookies not some boring chocolate chip cookies no. i wasted something sweet. n i knew just wat i wanted. morning dounts cookies that what i wanted. not im not sure if u every ate cookies but compared to a morning dount cookie what u had is the equalivent of a rock. i might have to go back a few steps. scouts of america was purchased by morning cookies. which is a cookie/sweet store. the owner happen to be some rich poor kid from somewhere who really care where he came from he was rich, and greedy. bla bla bla im doing too much talking basiclly someone had the idea to combine a cookie and a donut. $oney but yeah that weirdo i saw in the chinese store was in the damn cookie store in another corner. just sitting there. dude starting to bug me out. i think im paranoiid. i told my self no more smoking im going back to drinking i'm going crazy. i go my cookies and left lost my damn appitie dude to this asshole following me. how do i know he following me he in 2 of my gourmet food resturant he following me. end of story. them folks is after me i swear. so i decided that it time to cook and stop eating out stay in slow down on the cloud smoke. so i calle dup my bud man and got me 1.5. what happen to not smoking,you ask. man fck that shit . i got to the supermarket and as i was parking my car an all white car pulled up next to me and guess who was inside, that damn weirdo again! quiclky and calm i put the car back in drive and made my way out that parking lot. im staying home from now on.

going to different place always blew my mind. i took a cab ride once to the other side of town it was raining cold and no cabs where running. i hated these times damn i need a car. agg saw some light heading up the street look like a cab what luck hope he stops.

i held out my hand and started praying always using him at the wrong time huh. yes he stop

it was a old beat up look thing worst of the bunch i guess that what i guess for being out so late.

ah where are u heading mate?

i told him my distanation

you mind if i play some music man?

no go ahead i love music.

he never hesitated to start playing his music it was the most annoy song i ever heard in my life and he started singing at that. in a very thick jamican accent wait i thought he was british.

yo i yelled at him YO he paused the music

What the fck man cant u see i'm trying to jam wtf i just pick u up and u fcking up my mood.......i was schocked i didnt expect that at all. he inturrepted me hey mate i do aplogize for that outburst i will try to keep it down..

huh i began to think to myself is this the twlightlight zone nah it real life why would he maybe he's a nut case crazy killer oh shit oh shit. i gotta pee.

he turned the music back up this was actually i like hey can u turn it up im not sure if he heard me so i asked again yo can u turn it up.at the stop light he turn around very slowly at that point i start to really have to pee. he turn it up he eyes burned into me i was scared really had to pee,call me a pussy a coward what ever you what but you take a ride with a crazy cab driver and see how you like it.

i had to pee yo can u stop so i can take a piss? no turn around no question he slowly pulled over to the side the rain had let up so i was being hopefull,man he was changing.

hey buddy you try to run and not pay your fare im gonna pull this here pistol and i dont know what ill do ok just dont run!. fck i really had to pee. i stepped out the car thinking shit should i try and run or get back in the car with this crazy cabbie. i did what i had to do pondering the whole time what to do what to do.

lighting went off i saw a flash of pink to my right there he was again the weirdo in a pink suit a umbrella with pokadots on it and a small dog just standing there ahh shit what the fck he doing here too. how how did he find me oh my god first a crazy cabbie and now this damn weirdo is back what do i do fck fck i hop back in the cab.

the cab drove pass him lighting struck again i got s glimpse of his face nuttin was there nuttin. am i going crazy cant be.

you ok back to his fake aussie accent.

yeah im fine.. you dont look it mate. look as if u saw a ghost...

i dont believe in ghost, the rain started up again.


when it came to me i didn't realize at first what was going on,i figured that i was in a weird dream,or some sort. Sometime's when u on some maryjane sleep and reality can seem almost endless.

the music,i was listening too never stopped playing the sun remained in the same place it was and cars still stoped at the corner stop light just as they always did. nt much changed. you still dont kno who came and got me huh. tisk that a shame i shall tell you i just rather your company a little bit longer maybe i can tell u of my day or some adventure i had. wont u stay and read my story a bit more.

my head phone where in that day i could not head the sound was turn up to the max i love my music loud! dont you. it the only way to express.. there im rambling on again. yea

© Copyright 2020 kaftr8drk. All rights reserved.

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