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I'm stuck on this one,very lost. im trying to write and create some thing new. why does it feel like im failing. also i hope i didn't break any laws.

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



I'm going tell you the truth about God, believe me if you want The one we call on for help and guide for this world of peril is not who you think he is,some would tell you he is a forgiven person. Some would say he loving,a small percent would say he's cruel. all of the above is truth.

i know this because im writing it to you im not sure if im crazy at this point but if im given life and a mind to think of what im writeing for you to read well there must be a God. i highy doubt it there is how ever a Father.

The human race started out as what we would call monkeys. Before man could read these ape already roam the planet.

Mr.father himself thought it would be fun to do a small experiment on these monkeys (gibbons). after centuries of experiments after,severalyes and no's

he had the gorilla,but that thing was too big and slow lazy,he had to change it.

after several millions years he was only able to create the human race.

this he could be proud of

before he could complete the brain he was called away.

he was however able to add some of his memory into ones mind. the brain was the most important part that he missed

he needed it to complete the language for his 'pets' that why today there are some many languages and it not that hard for us to pick it up.

Still dont believe me? have you ever heard a monkey speak spanish? human?

Ever seen these numbers 666 you think those

are the number to look out for i wonder why?

the real number you should pay attention to is 777.

It took him 7 days to create the heavens.

there are 7 mystical creatures that roam the earth. centaur,harpie,minotaur,mermaid,satyr,vampires,werewolves.

It is said that there are 8 planets such is also false mercury is to Hot to sustain LIFE.

there only 7 planets. one for each mystical creature once the blood of each is found and laid upon it gate.

the heavens shall open.

there is so much that we don't know.

reason for all this i have yet to figure out.

My name is krazu guardian of the 4th realm, Time of the blood moon is apon us

It a deep mystery to me as to where all creatures can be found but there resting place remains the same,or so i hope.

Vampire yes i hope you have heard of them given the fact that they can live off of the dead and undead gave them a very good advantage over some of the other creatures.I keep saying creature i must change that.

The resting place for the vampire started out in what we know today as egypt.they say vampire cannot face the sunlight that my friend is false the true version of that story is they are afraidFather.Too them he is seen as a bright light which they cannot face so they instantly kill themselves and because of thisis why you think they die in sunlight.

ahh yes! the resting place, it just so happens that they rest in the great pyramid of Giza.

typical irony is it not.

Werewolves are next i suppose those beast,are so cute. i'm joking have you ever heard of laelaps,yes the fist dog of greek myth not so much a myth just a simple misunderstanding.

You see laelaps was given to Europa,as a gift. my memory is terrible, when zeus came to europa in the form of minotaur the dog never reacted becaused he reconigzed the smell of his owner,his real owner.

Because he allowed Zeus to take europa, he was given a terrible diease and banished,for his punish he was given one order guard the temple of Artemis.

Why he was given this task is a mystery even to me!

And that is where he has his resting place,beware when going to this place he has been know to pack a nasty bite.

Next we have the beautiful Sirens,once the fair maidens of the earth.

if it wasnt for the bitches of atlantis the sirens would still be thought of as beautiful maidens.

The sirens aclose sister of the mermaids not many know of this but, as i say this it shall be known that it is truth.

the long legged amazon with there 7ft figures where jealous of the sirens,they spread there stories of the sirens uglness arcoss the seas.

at a time when the ocean where the one way man,use to communicate,all that was said by the sailors,was and is the truth.

the Amazon queen herself was the one who started it all,i'm my self am still not sure of her name not all thing are known.

she convince the Captain of the pirate ship Blackbirdthat the Siren where to be Feared,whenever there Song is heard.

That my friend started a war between the two people the amazon queens and the Sirens.

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