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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


Peace a word that we know of,a time that we don't. My grandfather would say 'son why do I need peace u have clothes on your back. At that time i didn't know how to place his knowledge he bestowed upon me. He would of then speak of that man who was locked up, the one who suffered immortality.

I can't think of a world with out "peace' can you? even the "other' races have never heard of such a thing, i remember the discussion the council had. They wanted to make Peace the first forbbiden word. the idea was good at first but then it would not be human to place a ban on a word.

The argument was not the same on both party sides however,one point was taken into consideration.

'Angels and Demons' have fought from since the beginning of time'.

War was all i knew.

My grandfather must have lived to long,he was starting to get senile.

I did however look into how that guy died. i dont know i was starting to get curious about him what can i tell you.

during the year 2023 and the weekend of the 7th a few strange event took place, no one was killed with the exception of one person a Mr.Resen. was shoot and killed by a stay bullet while buying a hot dog from a outside vendor, one person that it,that crime took place at 11:23 pm.

My grandfather knew of Mr.Resen, I remember him saying that name. But how can he know the only guy to have gotten killed.

I was really young when gramps told me all his stories,but i remember this one really well mr.resen always carried an umbrella,was neva too under dressed or over dressed for any event he happen to be invited to even if he was told at the last second,he just always happen to be ready.

He didnt know him that long only about 5 days he said.i thought that was funny how can so much happen between them in 5 days,but i was wrong even a trip to downtown matthan which is no longer there at this point he said could be dangerous my grand father never knew why he went along with him all the time either, the excitement i guessing, as old as he is Blood burns even to this day with the thought of danger. i never asked he didn't like to be interrupted when he was speaking.

I was missing the fight, thinking about such nonsense. I mean none of it really matter today no one has...i dont know what word to use at this point to describe what im thinking of so,no one has 'died' or 'passed' from any method to this point, from since that day!.

That is how ever the day my grandfather said everything started at 230 years old,i'm guess that was a long time ago.

Submitted: May 10, 2012

© Copyright 2021 kaftr8drk. All rights reserved.

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