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it not a continued story just some gibberish i think same king the ending was hard to do i hate it myself. enjoy i hope

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012




The kingdom was in much turmoil due to the king murder of his wife and imprisonment of the husband for the murder.  Something needed to be done there no way the people will stand for this. That is true but who among us is brave to go against the king will his word is law.  Men let drink to forget our troubles

‘ aye’ shouted one member ‘

 amen to that brother shouted another.

Two days later, your majesty a young lady and a small child has been raped. ‘have we found the rapist?

No sir

Do we have any suspects?

Yes sir

Whom speak up quickly before I get bored and gut you.

Sir alacard the local town drunk we suspect him to be the culprit due to the fact that he was drunk,we have been searching for him sir when he is found we will report back to you sir.

That better,said the king chuckling to himself.

5 hours later

I’m innocent I’m innocent let me go let me go you toad let me go, your majesty I’m a innocent man why am I under arrest I have done nothing wrong this woman tempted me into bed with her. Cut his tounge out!!

 NO!! NOO your majesty I demand a fair trial. Laughing as he step to the man the king raise his foot and drove it into the man testicles which such force the poor gentleman coughed up blood.  ‘Your right sir you should have a fair trial we might have presence of another sinner  in our midst  you never know’

Where is the accuser

I’m not accuser this man rapped me and my baby!

Shh my young mother the truth will come out. The king thought to him self.

Suddenly ‘stop that man is innocent we have the real culprit’ what shouted the king the real culprit we have a rapist right here who else do you have? ‘Sir this man admitted to raping the young miss sir’’ what is that true asked the king. Yes answered the rapist, fearing for his life the rapist began to pray.

The king turning to the towns people and spoke ‘here we have a accuser who swore on her life that this man the drunk raped her! And here we have a man who admitted to the crime. We shall have a fair trial at the rapist request.

The people did not understand here you have a man who confesses to the crime but the king still wanted a trail the king has lost his mind, something must be done.

Your majesty one young brave young man said from the crowd this man has already confess to the crime why must there be a trail it seem a waste of the peoples time.

Silence can be heard.

Twisting his head at the young man at such a degree that none could fathom, the king spoke slowly to the young man,a low serpent like hiss to his voice,,  Yes he did confess to the crime at hand, but he was also drunk that night, also why did he confess to the crime does he have some other motive to be tossed into jail? Many are after my Head every day an assassin tries to KILL me!! I do not trust anyone.  The king in his fit of anger had no realized that he had crush the throne arm on which he was sitting... Coming to his senses he quickly adjusts himself and changed his tone.

Each suspect will tell his side of the story the people will decide on the punishment. Fisrt we shall hear the drunk, then the accuser and finally the Perp. BEGIN the king reminded himself he is going to hang that young man.

The drunk stepping out of line slowly, clearly sober for the first time in his Life turns to the king and says your highness I’ve never done this before I don’t know where to begin..

Just tell me us what you remember from two nights ago

I went to the bar to have a few drinks the drunk started and then I had too many to drink and I woke up.

The king was perplexed, so he asked where exactly you got up at? Across the street from the young miss house the man said bowing his head in shame but I did not rape this woman. Ahh it gets interesting young miss please tell us your side of the story.


The young lady began, her voice low but strong two night ago I was feeding my baby ,  after she ate her dinner I put her in bed, then I myself had a few shots of brandy since my husband has not been home it’s been hard for me to sleep, I fell asleep soon after I came awake a man was on top of me with his thing penetrate in me I was horrified I could not see, only smell his foul breath, and the strong smell of liquor. I thought about my baby so I just let him finish and prayed he would leave. He finished and left I have not slept since.

Husband is he here? The king asked

No your majesty. She replied tears running down her eyes.

And finally it the perp’s turn the king said with a squeal of joy, tell me why would a man confess to such a crime? To rape a woman and child is sick. I am sick to my stomach as I speak to you it seems a waste. My kingdom does not tolerate such crimes. Begin before I gut you.

Taking a deep breath, your majesty this woman has be tempting me all day for the pass week at every turn she shows me her bosoms she herself has fail to confess of taking advantage of the drunk she empties his loin in his drunken sleep ask her! The crowd gasped. .so I got as drank liquor as I could, at first I knew it was wrong after a few drinks I became obsessed with the fact that she wanted me and I wanted her so I made my way to her cot and I bedded her, I was drunk your majesty and lust full I could not stop myself.

At that the king stood up at that moment a older gentleman step out of the crowd and spoke. Your majesty I’m the husband of the young lady. Haha we have a party now the king said with joy. And what can I do for you?

I would like to kill this man for his crime your majesty.

The crowd could not believe their ears.

The king’s smile broaden and how would you like this done he asked with such a glee full tone some thought he was playing a Childs game.

A stab in the heart. Was the husbands reply.

And when would you like this done? His eye wide with joy

Right now.

Then do it Guards hold him.

The rapist began to pray at the moment he saw the husband take the knife from the nearby guard’s hands. At first there was no pain maybe it was the second stab no maybe it was the third that brought the pain he didn’t know where he had gotten stabbed at this point his final thoughts was life worth it?

The crowd was in shock at what they had just witnessed some said that it was justice some did not agree.

Turn to the husband clapping his hands the king proclaimed now that justice has been served when the divorce…








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