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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

lemme know wat ya think


Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle; she was a prisoner in her own home the king of the 7 countries kept her lock away in his castle because she had magical powers. You see this princess controlled all elements she could make it rain or snow all in the same day.


The king had control of all 7 nations because of this princess; he wanted control of this power for himself so he devised a plan to let the princess fall in love with him.

In order to do so he needed the help of the four witches. The witch from the east who could control all flame. The witch from the west whose eyes held the secrets to life, but none has ever looked at her eyes. The witch from the south who beauty would send those who look at her to long into a long dream of nightmares. The final witch the queen of the north no one knew what she was capable of not even the other witches she was most feared.

The king knew that he needed to marry the young princess on her 21st birthday right before the moon is full.

  The kingdom knew of this plan however the king had his spies the king was not love his was ruthless. For this reason the king was feared.

 Coup d'état was being plan by all 7 countries in his honor it was not because the king was ruthless in his reign it was neither for the reason of war there were no more wars during his time and yet the people were still not happy.


The king had his fault he once found out that his first wife was having an affair with his best friend so in order to set an example for those who had affair he let them marry each other. At first it went well many gift were sent out to them so they would not fear his wrath.

All thing went well with the lovely couple on the second year of marriage the old queen was pregnant everyone was happy word was never sent to the king of this of course.

The king however had his ways of getting to people he was however the king. He hired a spy to live close and poorly. His spy did his task well not only did he do as the king commanded but he was able to befriend the king old friend.

The news of the baby did not stand well with our king he was furious but he did not let it show as his thoughts in his head drove him insane.

His best friend and advisor of so many years had not only took his wife to bed but he got her with child as well.

He himself had no heir, no son to carry on his Legacy.

The very next day the king started a feast in the honor of his friend child. The couple knew nothing of this when they arrived in town the surprised at what was going on in their honor.

Of course all was not well the best friend knew of course something was amidst

He tried to inform his wife of his suspicions, but she would not listen. At that time however it was too late.

The king sent out his guard to gather them up and escort them to the courtyard.

The king was already their making small joke with some of the towns people to show he was in such a happy mood.

The wife was the first to see the kings smiling face and informed her husband all is well.

The husband looked into the kings eyes and saw the glimmer in his eyes and he knew he was about to die.

Reaching for his wife hand he tried to run but it was too late the king order the people the towns people to stop them.

It was no secret if the king spoke you had to listen mercy was not his highness strong point.

At his command the couple was shuffled to the center where he began his speech.

WE have all gather here today to umm he said while clearing his throat witness the first execution of a criminal who not only committed abominable crimes

It does sadden me however to ruin such a great feast but it shall continue.

GUARDS bring in the prisoners.

In came the two guard followed by the husband and his lovely wife.

The crowd the whispers could be heard.

“is this feast not for those two’’

‘‘we all knew this day would come’’

‘’will there be a beheading?’’

‘Silence’ the head of his guard and new most trusted advisor shouted.

‘’haha’’ no need for violence the king said and proceeded with his speech.

If your neighbor kills your dog don’t you want to do the same to his cat?

If your WIFE went to another man bed do you not want their heads?

When one has done wrong one must be punished, is that not our way?

How often shall I show forgiveness? my friend here whom we all know was my childhood friend not some stray dog that was pick up on the street and cleaned up but my childhood friend, And to bed with my first love. And continue to shake my hand and tell me he loved me every day.

Even when he said ‘long live the king’

Which he knew, my first love the king anger could be seen in his face his eye lost the glimmer of hope that he was always known to have had and only flames where there.

With a simple nod of his head the guards had the wife on her knees before her husband.

This is wrong someone shouted from the crowd.

Let anyone voice be heard when I demand silence and I will cut out the tongue of any I feel is responsible or I will just cut the children ears off so they would not hear such disrespect to their king..

Not a whisper was uttered, only the songs the doves sing that coo coo coo could be heard.

The Law should be upheld and I will make sure that it is. With another nod of his head a sword was handed to the husband.

My ‘friend here is a murder not only did he steal my wife lie to me, marry MY WIFE he also killed my first love.

Go on off with her head, Go on off with her head now he heckled.

My king you jest he yelled at the king, to kill his own wife is something unthinkable he could not go through with it he must find a way to escape he already had a sword but the king was too far to attack and his guards held his wife.

Random thought ran through his head ‘surely he does not mean what he says his old friend want him to do the honorable thing and take his own life.

He knew now that the king was playing a game. He must play along if he is to live.

Yes I shall kill her I shall behead this vile woman.

Yeah behead her cheered the crowd

Kill the witch some shouted.

Playing along the husband pretended to cut his wife head off swinging the sword and stopping before he hit would hit her.

The king seeing this clapped his hand in joy and joined the crowd in cheer, ‘do it, do it.

Walking up to the husband and taking the sword the king swung at her neck but stop inches short of her neck.

Everyone’s breath and butt cheeks let loose at that moment for most fear the worst from the king.

Do you the husband admit to killing your wife? He asked

Yes the husband replied.

Seeing this the king spoke to the crowd the husband admits to his wife death.

…just before stepping away the husband never saw the swing of the sword the second time he only felt the breeze of the blade as it pass by his nose the second thing he heard was the sound of his wife head hitting the floor.

Lock him up in the dungeon and clean this mess up we have a feast to attend he will pay for the wife of his wife and child later. ON WITH THE Feast.






Submitted: July 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 kaftr8drk. All rights reserved.

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You're writing has really improved. Great level of story telling. It has a nice flow and encourages people to keep reading. I see you're into fantasy. I like

Wed, July 25th, 2012 3:09pm

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