laconia 3

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i really have no idea where this is going.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




One day a letter came to the king from the Castle of Paulding, and it said the following.

  Dear Humble and Gracious King it has come to our attention Castle Paulding that you have become to powerful and we the castle of Paulding believe that we should that power in which you claim to be is rightfully ours. We the Castle Paulding also demand that back.

The king himself threw a fit and demand to see the person responsible for the delivery of the letter. The guard informed him that he was already gone. The king was furious, “Guard’’ he called. Get me the betrayed husband and self-come along, also gather the people I must inform them of what Castle Paulding intend to do.

The town people gathered to hear the king’s speech. Today I received a letter from the Castle of Paulding, they desire to take my Crown, my throne and my Power. Only two of which can be done, this is another idiotic plot by more idiots. Please do not be alarmed by this I my self, my guard and betrayed husband will go to Castle Paulding and conquer it.

The people knew of the king Power but to only take his guard and a man he did not know, the king has grown foolish. He will die on this trip and his throne will be free for the taking. Something was amist.

Some of you might think of a foolish and old senile king, it is not so that is why I will only take along my two comrades, do not worry I have my Power with me the Law here remains the same.

No one knew how this person became king or where he came from all most can recall is he appear and called himself king. On that same day the king of Laconia gave up his throne to this man who called himself king. The old knew died soon after. The king first rule was to explain to the people about his new Law.



Food clothing and housing is Free.

No person can commit a crime.


Simple 2 simple that the people follow without any conflict the king was quick to punish those innocent and guilty alike. 

The king continued…no one is to disobey these laws or death will follow his/her family. One more thing anyone out to kill me while I’m on my journey I welcome you with open arms, and with that he turn to his two comrade and smiled big and broad.



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