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still have no clue where this is going.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




The king had his own personal goal on this journey. He wanted to find something to make him happy he has lived for many years, but something is missing true he been married to a Wrench, but that was the pass he never really loved her to begin with she was more of a prize for his collection more than a wife, woman didn’t know milk from water only liquor quench her thirst! But the way she maked love was remarkable, he would sometime think a small alligator live inside of her loins the way she would grip him.

KING! His guard said interrupting his thoughts, what is it?

I wanted to ask if we may stop for a drink my throat is parched and I ache for a drink!

Ho! That a lovely idea at the next town we shall stop and have a drink. Any other request he said looking at the husband.

I do have one request Sir.

Well spit it out.

I would like to stop at and see a mage sir.

A mage for what? What need do you have for magic?

Why must my question be answered by a question?

Because my friend you just did it to me! My dear friend.

I would like to forget my ex-wife sir.

Nodding in understanding the king continued the rest of the nite in silence.

The next day, arriving at the nearest town of Bronxwood,the trio could feel all eyes on them it was alreay know that the king would be travel through. The king did not mind however he enjoy the hate that the town had for him after all he had excuted his last wife in public and blame the lst husband for her murder.

Remembering his guard request they headed for the bar.

The kind was not love among the people he knew of this so he wanted to change that but he was sure how,I should marry again the kingdom was happy when I was married I was preoccupied most of the time, that had to be the answer or should he marry for love this time. They do say ‘love conquers all’ what would it be like to be in Love.

There was a argument on the far left of the bar between two men both dressed in gold,the where shouting obscene language at the king and curses. Others in the bar cheer them on none like or loved his majesty, his rule with an semi iron fist was not welcomed.

The King not wanting to lose ground with the people said, in a loud voice and all was quiet when he spoke, ladies and gents, thieves’ and assassins witches and warlocks and whores alike, I the king have a confession to make and I can no longer keep this secret. I he said pointing his finger at his chest said can read minds.

Do you take us for fools the first man on the left of the table said?

His partner egged him on surely your majesty does not think of the common poor people as such fools.

Of course I know the common people of m kingdom are not fool but you two I do not recognize with your golden garbs it is not common in these parts, So I shall tell the people a secret.

The two men were dress in golden robes with black cross that flowed from the back to the front; they were from the group that called themselves the Guards unknown to the king two of his seven countries was now in the hands of this group, who only mission in life is to kill the king.

This was the group responsible for all assassination attempts on the king, all 19 of them during His majesty rule. The two men however was not in the bar to kill the king they just happen to be scouts the king did not know this the Mindsoul of these men did not appear, and that alone cause the king curiosity to stir.

Ladies and gents these two men are not like us they have no soul no value for life they wish to take away yours. Last nite as I slept I dreamt and in my dream I was deep in  unknown Forrest it was winter but bright they were fruit trees fresh with the sweetest fruits I knew this even thought I had not tasted.

I lust for them and I received them but my people I tell you I was not happy I ate nd ate my belly would not stop it was a bottomless pit. Them a woman appear to men in her arm a dead child and she ask me one question

O great king are you happy now?

I was not able to reply to this woman my guard heard my scream and woke me.

One person in the crown said it for your crimes.

The king ignoring the crowd nodded to his guard, who understood his message the guard slowly walk over to the men dress in the fine gold clothing who were still seated in the corner.

It was true what the king said his guard was capable of killing one hundred by himself, with the utmost speed the guard took his swords and stabs both men just inches from their hearts he stab with such strength the sword went to the other end of the chair, Even the crowd couldn’t follow his movements .

The guard knowing his majesty didn’t want the men dead missed there heart on purpose men with no Men with no Mindsouls where hard to destroy.

Not understanding and wanting to help a man rush over to where the guard help the men captive not smart on his part the the guard quickly crushed his wind pipe,during this time the the man to the left who was stronger than his counterpart  dropped Mites from the palm of his hand.

The Mites quickly began eating at the sword that held the man.

‘’How unfortunate’’! The king began, but these men you see before you are not men of God, as I have told you before they came to kill you all.

‘’O great king these men we do not know and there crime of which you accused them we know not’’.

Meaning no disrespect your majesty but, what my brother here says is correct. You however have killed many in your righteous path. Your guards have attacked these men and you accuse them of trying to kill all the towns’ people, Outrageous accusations.

 And that is why I’m King and you’re not. The king replied playing with his ring as to avoid the man’s eyes.

Unknown to all eyes and ears the mite have eaten half way thought the sword the 1st prisoner.

The king continued,playing with his ring the king felt something was wrong.

feeling the sword finally getting loose  Strongman quickly got up grab at the sword that held his partner Smalls the guard seeing this rushed in to stop him Smalls intercepted him with a smile speaking in his native tongue he said ‘it time to meet your end traitor’.  The guard said nothing in return.

Strong man mean while grew inpatient the urge to kill and hurt those not ‘Pure’ was unbearable feeling the sword in one hand, turning to see Smalls occupied with the king guard. He decided to have some fun moving quickly with the sword in one hand he swung it at the first of the two brothers that defended him, cutting his face off.

The bar crowd seeing the two men escape and taking weird fighting stances and cutting off the brothers face they dint know what to think! Of all the events that was unfolding before their eyes for the first time in history for this king’s rule he spoke the truth.

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