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This is something ive been trying to work on,im not sure but i never really reread what i write so please forgive me. plz comment good and bad. I would love to try to continue it but i got no Push.

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



Touching her arm was a shock too himself and saying she looked nice must be the alcohol.

In the kitchen Carmen was shaken he touched her not in a bad way like he normal does he also said she looked nice wtf is going on.

Walking into the kitchen Martin spoke in a soft voice and asked if she needed help cooking.

No she replied watching him grab the knife out the drain

You sure you don't need help " chopping,cutting,maybe slice up?

Her inner voice scream at her, he's gonna kill you. Kill you dead. Well at least ill be cute.

No thank you I can handle it thank you. She replied.

Ok baby don't ever say I never tried to help you.

As She was, cleaning the dinner table a spoon dropped on the floor he watched her pick it up. From where he stood her ass was looking sexy.

Sneak up behind her he grip her butt cheeks with both hands she jumped startled

Relax it only me. Chuckling as he said it.
Moving his hands from her ass he reach around and gently squeezed her breast. While he made sure she felt how hard he was.

She could not believe it, he was being sweet.

Turning her around he kissed her softly telling her he loved her how good she smelled

Lifting her up he put her on the dinner table, kissing her body her breast her stomach.

This was different she thought still couldn't believe what was happening she was getting wet.

Getting her jeans off was a struggle, but he finally got them off..seeing her wearing boy shorts was always a turn on for him, he stop and admired how beautiful she looked. Kissing her just below her navel he guided her underwear off.

Touching her clit with his tongue he licked slowly at first and then he felt hungry putting all of her in his mouth he licked and sucked on her flower bud, as if his last meal was bring served.

Her low moans of pleasure turned him on even more, he grabbed and flipped her to her knees (doggie) from this angle he reach up with his hands and put her thighs in a head lock.

She can't move this way her pussy was dripping he licked her asshole and he licked her pussy then back to her asshole.

He was in ecstasy, he was gonna cum in his pants he was sure he kept licking.
She started to shake for no reason something. He not use to seeing that, he stopped.. And walk away.

Martin needed another drink, the flashes were too much. It was only midday.

Stepping outside to get some fresh air he heard the rattling first as he step out his house the familiar song of DMX "what these bitches want" could be heard.

He saw the white BMW top down no passengers but his/her music was at full volume

Waiting too see whom the car belong to he sat down and drank.

Remembering when he was young his dad was a drunk you know a fucking drunk. looking up he remembers his dad beating his mom while he sat right there in the kitchen!

At one point the best point of his life his pops punched her so hard she was out cold on the kitchen.

"Look at this useless bitch" LOOK
He was grab his head and force him to look.
"Today is special"
Ripping off his mothers clothes
He looked at lil ole Martin.
Come over here boy lemme show you what a pussy looks like.
Frozen with fear he went to his dad side.

Seeing His mom still breathing gave him hope.
Daddy had other plans pulling his pants down
He could remember his dads eyes Gleaming with pleasure forcing him between his mother legs.

Martin was ashamed.
There you go son ya fucking dick already hard. Fuck you must want this pussy don't you boy.

Don't you boy!

Looking at his dad he shook his head. In a rage his dad slapped him so hard he flew from between his mother legs.

Get back over here you fucking fagot and fuck this pussy.

Are you a faggot boy are you a faggot hi s dad yelled.
His dad being impatient grab him and place him right back where he stood.
He dad grab his cock, guiding him into his mother.
Encouraging him as he help him "swim".

A single tear escaped him as he thought of his past childhood,Unaware he wipe it away.

At this point,He was drunk he was sure. The door for his neighbor swung open stepping out was the fattest man he's laid eyes on since moving here.

Dress in a all purple Nike sweat suit the gentleman grab Edna his hands squeezing her ass.

Jealousy creep over him he's been staring at her Ass for minute. Something had to be done.

Still in his seat he watched Edna friend speed off.

Frustrated he went back in side to find his Wife. Finding her in the kitchen still the only garments that covered her was a small white T shirt. Her C-cup nipples playing Peek a Boo.

Being drunk multiplied how he felt he wanted to Rape her, to just take it and fuck her on the kitchen floor, the living room,Hell even the bed room ..

She was cooking Steak and rice his favorite,she could feel his list full eyes all over her body. She had to admit it was something different, he was showing a side of him that she never seen.

He could smell the steak that was his fav, she had to know.
Mouth watering for her Honey pot he approached her from behind ,giving her Ass a good squeeze.

Keep cooking not here he told her.
She did as he commanded.
Going to his knees he got a good look at her brown hole licking his index finger he slowly put it in about a inch into her butt.
She pause
Don't u dear stop cooking bitch.

His knee was starting to hurt from the cold hard floor.
Sitting on his his butt he went between her legs.
Taking his finger out of her butt, he used his now free hand to guide her to his awaiting mouth.
His tongue flickered on her Honey pot.
Her knees buckled she came closer to him as if she wanted to drown him.

He didn't mind, he wanted it all in his mouth lust filled his thoughts. She tasted wonderful.

He stopped she didn't move for a while that means his dinner was burning!

Getting up he smacked her on her ass so hard his fingers stung.

You gonna let my food burn bitch!

No she said it just that, you was umm.

Shut the Fuck up Spread your Ass cheeks. Taking his dick out he Entered her honey pot.

A low moan escaped his lips. The heat from her Honey pot was to much for him . He couldn't help him self he was close Already .

She was in a state of shock, dazed. Her drunk husband was taking advantage of her taking her pussy and ass as he see fit.
Yet he still wanted her to cook!

She love it! The way he squeezed her breast, and he strike in and out of his honey pot. She squeeze her walls around his cock,she could feel him pulsating she knew he was close, not wanting him to cum to soon she let her muscles go.

It was to late she felt him getting swollen, then he exploded inside of her she loved that feeling that it gave her to know he enjoyed it.

Waking up the next morn Martin, had a slight headache, at first he wanted to just lay still, but it was trash day.

He knew his neighbor was going to be wearing something skimpy. As he got dress he wondered if she sucked cock better than his wife.

Heading downstairs he grabbed up the trashed and a beer out the fridge,and headed out side.

Looking across the street, there she was dresed in a pink spandex tights, with a White T on top.

Not something he would approve His wife wearing,he gut stick out and she had a Gut!

He waved, saying "good morn"
She waved back shaking her top as if to just make her titts jiggle.

Don't you think it a lil bit early to be drinking she asked.

Not realizing he had a drink and trash in hand he said "I thought it was 5'oclock.

"Ha ha your a funny guy".

"Why don't you join me for a drink?

Oh no thank you, my boyfriend and your wife might not approve.

(Why is this bitch giving me a moral speech)

My Wife?

Yes! Your wife, she is your wife? Right.

(Martin knew he was losing ground he had to change the subject fast).

Would up like some tea?

Sure as long as I can mix it with my drink.

Shaking her head in disapproval she turned around and said follow me sexy!

The name didn't mean much to him, Martin knew he was sexy, not wasting time he followed behind her.

All the time wondering how she suck dick she had those thick duck sucking Lips and she had bigger titts that his wife.
Getting in to house, she turn around looked him in the eyes and graves his dick! That came as a shock, but he kept his cool.

She looked him in the eyes and asked you want to fuck this pussy don't you, neighbor?

I never really thought about was his said.

Ha ha your a funny guy she said.
Moving her hand to loosen his belt, Martin felt his dick getting hard. He felt her hand grab onto it pulling his Friend free from his jeans.

Holding his dick she slowly jerked him,looking at him sueductly and asking if he wanted her to just jerk or should she suck his nut out.
Martin wife Never did this, he was turn on at this point.

Come on stop teasing me and sick that damn dick.

They was no reply from her mouth was already working on him. Thank god he was leaning on the door she was sucking on his dick like a starving vampire, even his balls got serviced her tongue was close to his ass, but he had no desire for that.

He wanted more of her lips on his dick, taken her, by the neck he forced her back down on his dick. She was enjoying being treated like a whore his hip moving instinctively started to fuck her face.

Her hands reaching for his in a disparate pledge to get some air.
He didn't care he wanted to bust his nut in her mouth, she was acting like a whore anyway, you get what you asked for was what Martin believed.

Familiar sound of Eminem song Superman, filled the air it was her boyfriend..
This woke Martin up from his day dreaming.

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