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This is just pg.2 i could not figure out how to add it to the original, and bla. well i hope if you like if not im sorry. have more plan for him,so the future is not written. yet

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



His car clean,rims are clean music is loud, Martin didn't like him,pulling the car to a screeching stop just as they do in movies he hop out ready to fight.
Good morn baby Edna said.
Look her dead in her face, ignoring her good morning.
"Baby" his country accent thick
"Ain't you going to introduce us?
Oh you so right she said Martin this is my boyfriend Big Snipkie.
Yeah playa ya heard that her Man,So head back home to ya wife, now befo I put a few of them in ya!
And I might have to keep wifey company,Pulling his crotch as he said it.
Martin being a human being of the finest nobility, even if he wasn't born the son as a duke he always thought, that it good to have some sort of self respect.
Martin was a genius.
I do apologize for this horrible introduction,please do forgive me rudeness and my Man hood.
Ya man hood boy look don't let me catch you Finna talk to my woman ya dig Homie poking Martin in his chest.
Ya lucky I'm Finna get ALL up in this puSSYyyy squeezing Edna tight.
Well please do enjoy your festivities.
Good day neighbor!
He was pissed this little fuck had the audacity, to poke him in the chest wasn't the only reason Martin was upset at this point.
The threats about that Fat fuck fuck his honeypot that didn't suit to well either.
Taking another sip of he drink, there was only one thing he could do he thought.
I'm gonna kill him,
I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill that little fuck.
He has only killed one person and that was an accident, yet still.
For a moment he stop his thoughts,took another sip of his drink felt it burn his chest and got lost in his thoughts.
Oh fuck me harder, yes, yes that it baby!
His mother often yelled when his dad,as he would often say Beat that pussy up, at the age of 9 Martin knew more about sex from his dad than T.v.
At the age of 14 he, witness his dad in a rage severely beating his mother.
His mom was unconscious on the floor, his dad was to busy pouring alcohol on her, to notice he stepped into the room.
"That what you get for drinking my shit bitch"
I don't work hard all day long so you can just drink my shit.
This whiskey is a man's so who you fucking in my bed.
Grabbing a Fist full of her hair he yanked her head up, splashing the liquor on her.
Slapping her in the face wake up bitch wake up.
His dad final hears him, behind him turning his head to look at his son
He yelled
Hey! There young man welcome home. Come over here to daddy so I can give you a hug
You know what this your whore of a mother did?
Wait no you know what this Cunt! Did?
Wait, I'll wake her he said giggling with a child's pride.
I'll wake up this cunt and you can ask her.
Martin could clearly see his mother eyes were both swollen, as if she went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.
Although his mother never stopped his dad for any of his wrong doings,he felt as if something had to be done. He turned and ran to the kitchen
the first thing he saw was, a knife in the sink.
Grabbing it he thought for a second of all the bad out come and he let the knife go.
Opening the closet drawer to him he saw what he needed. His moms mallet he only remembered using the once to open up some crabs legs one Summer.
His dad favorite football team, finally won a Super Bowl,The Baltimore ravens
He didn't understand why his dad was so happy and he even didn't play, but his dad was smiling and have a good time that all he wanted.
And then some team player, had a incident and pops went back to his old self.
He didn't think much of his dad as he slowly walk back to where his dad was holding onto his mother like a rag doll.
He was ready for some payback, swinging the mallet as hard as he could aiming at his fathers head.
There,was a sound like he drop an egg on the floor as the mallet connected.
He expected, That to knock him out but it don't do anything!
His dad turned to him in a rage.
You hit me with a mallet? A fucking mallet his dad said shoving him to the floor.
Still gripping the mallet Martin got up and swung one more time,his dad not expecting his son to spring to action As fast as he did. Didn't feel a thing as the mallet connected to his chain.
Still holding the mallet Martin look over to where his mother lay beaten and still unconscious soaked in liquor, it was so strong he could taste it.
"What to do? Was the question hex asked himself help his mother first or deal with his dad, he felt anxiety at the thought of him waking up and coming after him.
With fear driving him crazy,he decided to tie him up and put him, In the car.
He heard his mom wakening up going over and helping her up he saw how badly she was beaten both her eyes where swollen, he left front tooth was also missing ashamed of him self he looked away.
Is he dead? She asked
No I don't think so he replied.
Can you go to my room and get me some icy hot? It in the closet in the left corner
Sure Mom he mumbled still unable to look at her moving quickly he ran to her room.
He couldn't believe what he had just done, it was to real and scary to be a movie. Finding the icy hot he returned to the living room.
An Erie silence filled the room there was only the squishing sound shpp shpp shpp and his mother's voice silently crushing the air
"Never again" squish "never again"squish "never again" Squish.
At, first he didn't know what to think but he knew deep down what she was doing.
He'd seen that type if body movement before.
Walking up to her from behind calling the only name he knew her by "Mom"
There was no response just silence.
Reaching from behind her he grabbed her wrist, the blood was all over her hands which made them slippery.
Gripping her firmly he Hugged her.
It going be ok Mom, it's going be ok I'm gonna take care of us,I promise.
He felt one of her tears on his forearm
The feeling in his chest was unexplainable, How he wish thing where different and his family was perfect.
What was done was done and he Can't turn back the hands of time move forward that what normal people do even after tragedies.
(Witnessing his mother kill the man she Loved changed Martin, until the time he also got married)..
It took the two days to bury his dads body out back,between digging the hole and cleaning up the mess.
One week later his mother threw out his fathers belonging and lit them on fire for added effect,The neighbors never asked any questions,well some did but the story was he left her for another woman and moved.
Martin and his mom survived with out his father for the following four years,she never looked at another man or woman ever again.
On his eighteen birthday, Martin return home from work, ready to celebrate. His mother promise to take him to an expensive seafood restaurant.
She knew how much he loved crab legs.
He found her sitting on the spot where she killed his father. She had both her wrists cut. More Tears filled Martin eyes as he felt for a pulse, Nothing.
A note was next to her and it read.
I miss him and I'm sorry.

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