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what the hell!

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



i grew up a punk yep im not afraid to admit it are you? but i got tired of getting picked on so in junior high i joined a gang huh go figure huh a gang. greyhoods that what they called them selves a tough bunch i remember the first night with them chulo had a plan we were gonna go rob the bodega up the street but i was gonna be the look out i said aight no prob the look out im not gonna be near in case someone get shot it no me. i watched emm from far they walked in calm chulo raised the gun to the clerk saw his baody sway as if he was in the wind he was nervous i knew he grabbed the money from the clerk blam he shot the clerk shoot gun close range clerk never stood a chance he turned to lil d and put one in his stomach ran out the store and around the corner i stood there for a min i could not under stand what just happen chulo shot lil d but there were in the same gang it made no sense it wasnt my problem im gonna keep my mouth shut. i left and went home that nite. the next day they said i made it in the gang.

after two weeks in the gang i got kick out i furious i dint even know why i got kicked out -but the me soft ha said i wasnt gang aka greyhood material i was a lil bit too soft what! me no way i was appauled i said aight then left's fight i was laughed at that really stung but at the same time i was happy i see how people chulo dont like end up. oh shit here i was talking to chulo and i forgotten all about what happen i was so happy i was in i let it slip my memory no 2 week latter i was being kicked out the gang no beat down nuttin just ur out man your not greyhood enough fck them! i was int he gang for 2 week i smoked the weed i held the guns i tried to bust emm but i got a lil scared. i still wasnt no punk.

in high school im forgetting what happen ohh in high school ,my favorite years since i was in a gang in junior high i was the man in high school so i took this science trip with the 8th graders even dough i was in the 10 grade! my 8th grade teacher loved me so she let me tag along i was real smart. and that trip was fun i was a know gangsya so going with the 8th grader who knew of my gangsta status i felt real good. here i am a 10 grader with these 8th graders uhhh i felt good! woo.

on the way to the science fair i notice that there was another school bus and the kids from my grade were in that bus and where pointing at me and lauhging i was in the short bus i could't believe this shit somebody tricked! me who and why would they do such a cruel thing ahh why didnt i notice i was on the short but i was distraced yea that why oh whait i knew why now i was in a gang i forgot it musta been all those drugs i did. that the only reason i seem to have and that what im sticking with. after 2 week is a long time.

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