titus alexzander

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

a story of lies and tall tales told by days.

hello world i've been waiting to tell u a story,most of it gonna be a lie but that for you to know and me to find out. The na water guame Titus alexzander with a Z thank you. I was shot once...by a water gun some how i survived that encounter.that day was hard to remember or i would tell u about it.at the moment there too much to sy to just ttell you one thing i wish i could slow down it wouldt sound like such blabber idiot mode that water gun maybe was the start of something. it was about the start of summer 06 grey sky mid 80 not so bad a day i guess looking up the street i see some kid big green gun, in his hand oh yeah im think summer time im looking nice feeling nice the day wasnt all that but damn im gonna make it.here come the kid creeping hmm im thinking to my self he looking up to no good no im just over thinking, but wait it grey skys why this kid  got some big ole water gun wait i start to myself i;m  thinking too much, but then aga wammmm before i could even finsh the kid shot me soaked me down to the shoes oh my god i think i gonna commit muder he ran i ohh no he aint getting away forget that i gave chase after him,i lost him around the corner wammmm i got hit again by another kid oh hell no this is not gonna go down today no way in hell am i gonna let this wammmm i got hit again. i gave up i ducked for cover and took my ass back home what the hell i kept  looking back as i walked back uhh no not again im no gonna ger hit again.

i change into a fresh set of clothes i didn't plan to just run out there again.i looked out the window the goes that kid again im sure his water gun refilled and ready to go for the nexxt sucker. i just noticed that he has a walkie talkie what the hell no wonder ohhhh. hmm i kept watching the kid and i notice what he was doing at the corner was a stop light and this kid would wait for a red light singal his buddies at the other end but there was one thing they did they only did it to single cars with there windows down or top down ohh boy this lil shits had this thing planed and plotted.after getting sooaked i figured i watch a lil while longer knowledge never hurt right.

just my luck here come a nice looking red car music blasting guy behind the wheel had on shade like i said it was grey sky that didnt seem to stop his day either but, these kids are about to rain on his parade i caught a glimpse out the corner eye ohh here come some one a female nice look at that ohh i think mr red car see her as while ohh his car top can come down ha! baka! he come down the street music even down now that his top is down yeap he seen her but his mistake he ingored the kid and that big green mudafreaking gun. he pulls up slowly wamppp in his face goes the first kid no mercy at all that his victim was no paying attention and driving at that he just let his ass have it this is getting crazy. the kid took off down the street mr red car only had one choice at this point female was laughing at him he took off speeding down the street that kid however was smart he pretended to be laughing downt the street this idiot stop his car and got out and was gonna go after this lil kid but right then a police car came crusing buy ohh i knew this guy hated this moment but just his luck baka! they kept going but then agian he didn't know about kid's friend and guess what them lil shit did to him. that was enought for one day.

Submitted: April 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 kaftr8drk. All rights reserved.

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Sorry but what....is this? Honestly I am curious.

Sat, April 21st, 2012 4:07am


something that was in my head that came out too fast,so it came out wrong.

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 11:01pm

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