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more bs of my life

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



i eventually found out why lil d got murked by chulo that lil mofo was a snitch real g's dont respect no snitch. plan and simple when i was a kid my mom always told me no one like a tattle tale went to kindergarden same story no one like a tattle tale. and at the same time if something was missing from my mom kitchen she would come asking me who took such and such. i had no choice i had to tell my momma the truth i DONT know. remember no one like a snitch. im still confused as to when it right and wrong to snitch. retard mode!

i found all this out about lil d after i got kicked out the gang.i was really thinking about leaving high school at this point but my moms would not have it,that really pissed me off my g status was in question by the neighbor hood kids and time was running out. so i sketch up a plan,to skip class and then the school would be forced to kick me out when i started to fail.i forgot school gave exams. i dont know it slipped my mind shoot i was doing all kinda drugs im a g after all ya know. anyway i passed all the exams they gave to me by mistake that pissed me off too cuase after they found out i was smart that was it my g status was back to nerd!

senior year came quickly 4 years went by and i barley knew anything at this point i forgot about my pass life in the game.school was finished but i still didnt have any plans wasn't diggin school  thing at the moment, that was't me. nuttin agianst it but that wasnt me,i went to the store to grab me a drink one hot day weather said maybe about 107 it was hot! i was trying to get some shade standing up next to a telephone booth when a quite looking older spanish guy approached me and ask to use the booth now im thinking it hot as shit i be he gotta call 911 thank god that free. u neva know right. so i move out the way man it was hot i started to sweat. he didnt even wanna use the phone he just stood there 5 min later a black taxi pulled up he got in there was someone in the passenger side he look familar but i couldt get his name my mind was racing where having i seen this guy before then it dawn on me that was Intel.

if my memory serves me right intel works for Mole the big boss of things what the hell was he doing here.,he got out the car and walk over to me put his hand up to his lips to silence me from saying anytihing ans to ld me here the package u deliver it to the address in side the other bag. ohh one more thing do not open the case.ohh i almost forgot u have no say in this matter we know who u are he slowly got back in the car leaned out the window to tell me have a nive day and the car was off. upset nope scread shitless yes.


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