The Candy and the Dagger

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This story was written by a friend of mine. She hopes you all on booksie will like it read it and tell me how you like it. So I can tell her about what you say on it.

Submitted: June 01, 2010

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Submitted: June 01, 2010



It was only but a few years ago. It was on train bound for some foreign place. Legolas had said he had fond a way to directly get to Middle Earth, mainlyin the Shire. All the other portals, or ways to get into Middle Earth through the real world eighter landed you up in Rivendell, Rohan, or outside o Minas Tirith. But Legolagas had just found a way to get into Middle Earth rom the real world portal that landed you in the Shire. Legolas, Frado, Gandalf, Boromir, and Aranl had all crossed the pirtal in Rivendell and came into the attic of Landy Gaila. They had told Caila of this new portto the Shire and that they must investegate it.

As soon as you knew it, Caila, Legolas, Marcey, Boromir, Frodo, Aranel, and Gandalf were all on a train headed for the real world portal. No one knew where it was except Legolas. As they all rested on the train, Gandalf went to the eating car to have some tea. mean while, as usuall, Frodo was curiosly looking about .He saw a small trolly with lots o sugary sweets. Since he happened to be hungry at the time, he started eating everything on the trolly. Marcey was looking for him at the time and Frodo knew if she were to find him, that would be the end of sugary sweets for him. He panicked and hid in another room cart. "Where are you Frodo?" asked Marcey, looking about for him. She heard the siund of wrappers, and looked in one room Cart after the next.

Meanwhile Gandalf and Legolas were sitting down having a cap of tea. Legolas looked out side the window, at the beautiful sceenery. "Well Legoloas, how are the these days?" asked Gandalf. "Very lonely I'm afraid." Said Legolas "Ever since Landy Caila left to finish school work in the real world, all i ever see of her is on weekends and holidays." "Ah! Yes, there is the matter of that." said Gandalf as he supped his tea."I'm sure Landy Caila feels guilty about not seeing you as often as you would like her to." said Gandalf ."I just miss her terribly much, Gardalf." said Legolas. Gandalf sipped his tea and said "OH! I didn't know if I should have told you this, but I think I just saw Borimir heading to the room Carts but only a little while ago. where is Lady Caila?" asked Gandalf. "OH, she is sleeping inthe room Carts she is awfully tired what with school... and... all .Did you say you saw boromir going to the room Carts. a little while ago?" asked legolos.Gandalf nodded."that no good pig headed human from Minas Tirith. He is trying to steal my wife! If he lays one hard on herI'll kill him!" said Legolas in arger as he headed for the room carts.

As Caila laid in the box cart on the bench, covered with a blanket, sleeping, Boromr walked in. He quietly shut the door behind him. He looked at Caila as she slept and he couldn't help but sit near her.He picked up her head and sat down, put her head on his lap.He stroked her hair and looked out the window. "It isn't fare. You should have been mine! We Should have uled minas Tirith together. My father would have loved you as a daughter. So fair and elegant and wise. You should have beed mine! Not some stupid elf's. He doesn't deserve you! I do! You should have been mine!" cried Boromir. He held her in his arms "You should have been mine!" he cried. Caila slept for the time being.

Marcey opened a cart door, and found Frodo covered in chocolate."Oh my god,Frodo! Don't tell me you ate all that chocolate." said Marcey."Ok, then I won't tell you." said Frodo. "Frodo, you know what happens when yo have too much candy." said Marcey. Frodo suddenly went wild and ran out the door yelling "Must find more chocolate. Must have more sugar!" "No, Frodo!" yelled Marcey as she ran after him. Frodo ran around a corner. Marcey chased after him and accidenaly bumped into Aranel, They both fell on the floor." Oh pardon me, Miss Marcey." said Aranel."Oh no, pardon me Aranel!"said Marcey. "Aranel, listen. I needyour help. Frodo got into a lot of candy, and now he is on a sugar rampage!" said Marcey."Well of course I"ll help you, Miss Marcey." said Aranel. They ran off after Frodo together.

Legolas came into the cart and saw Boromir with Caila. Caila was still asleep so that was good. he looked angrily at Boromir, and Boromir looked angrily at him."Boromir, take your hands off my wife!" said legolas in the most calmest way he could. "No!" said Boromir."why should you get to have Caila?!" yelled Boromir. "Why do you deserve her more then me?" asked Lagolas. " Because I have loved her from the day Imet her." said Boromir. "and I have lovedever since I laid eyes upon her!" said Legolas"but it does not matter how long we have loved her, Boromir. It is how much we love her that matters, and how long we will love her."said Legolas. "I will love her forever! I have always loved her. With all my heart! And I will always love her, even when she is with an elf like you!" yelled Boromir. " Italked about my life with her. I talked to her about all my hopes, and my dreams. And I have told her athou sand times over how much I love her." said Boromir. He bowed his head and cried over Caila's head; " do you not think I know what it is like to be as lonely as you Boromir. To wait ever second of the week knowing that I will not have her in my arms for only a few more days. To know that when I go to sleep she shall not be there to greet me with a warm smile when I wake up. I have learned to live my life and move on when she is not at my side. I think it is about time you do the same." said Legolas. Boromir looked up angrily at him."No! At least you have her as your own. hope to see her again. you don't have to speand everyday lonely as the dead like me!" yelled Boromir. "I must spend every working moment alone, while I watch you take the life I so longly wanted!' yelled Boromir. He thought a moment, and then "But I don't have to live alone.I know. I'll kill you Legolas !" said Boromir .he stood up and force Legolas out of the cart and into the hall. he locked the cart door behind him and got out a dagger. "Never again will i be alone." said Boromir as he raised his dagger. Gandalf pushed Boromir to the wall. Boromir Fought the wizard but Legolas pulled the dagger at of his hand. "No! screamed Boromir. "Stop it Boromir! Pull yourself together!" yelled Gandalf. Legolas threw thedagger out the window. "It's not fair. She should have been mine! Mine, I tell you! Mine!I love her, I still love her I held her, in my arms!" said Boromir as he struggled out ofthe wizards grip." I held her,me! she was Mine! I held her prisoner. And even ifI don't hold her now, She is still mine. Even in death,Sheis mine!" yelled Boromir."Only in your dreams, Boromir." said Legolas. Gandalfshoved Boromir into an empty room, and as he didBoromir screamed " She'll be mine! Do you hear me, Legolas? She'll be mine yet! If it's the last thing I do!" yelled Boromir. Gandalf looked the door, and sighed. Legolas sighed as well."Well Legolas, I think you just made a new enemy." said Gandalf. "Yes! and I believe I shall have to keep a close eye on him. He has made it quite clear what he wants from me." said Legolas. Gandalf nodded in agreement.

As Marcey and Aranel raced down the halls, marcey looked at Aranel as they ran. Marcey tripped and fell to the ground. "Oh my ! are you ok,Miss M.arcey?" asked Aranel. Marcey nodded as Aranel helped her up."Come along, Miss Marcey ! i think I heard something down here." said Aranel. As they came to another corner, they saw Frodo lying on the ground with candy wrappers everywhere. Frodo groaned with chocolate all over his face.Marcey looked at him and smiled. " Now, what have Caila and I told you about a million times? Don't eat so much candy or you'll getca tummy ache." saidMarcey scoling Frodo. Aranel laughed.

Marcey and Aranel carred Frodo to the cart, and as Marcey covered up Frodo, Aranel ordered some medicine for Frodo. The trolly came with midicine and Marcey gave it to Frodo. Frodo fell asleep, and Marcey shut the door behind her as she left the room. "Thank you so much Aranel." said Marcey. "Oh it was nothing, just helping out a friend."said Aranel. Marcey kissed him on the cheek. Aranel was surprised. Sosurprised that he ran off and hit the side of the corner. As he ran off Marcey laughed. She peeked back inside the room and saw Frodo was still sleeping.

Later that night, everyone was at the eating cart. Caila was awake and Boromir was out of his prison but was wounder the watchful eye of Gandalf and Aranel. Marcey andFrodo were with Caila and Legolas having a grand meal and good conversation. Boromir sat by himself and watched Caila ever so closely. he sipped his ale and looked at her and thought "one of these days. One of these days."

The End!!!!!

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