The prince and the peasent girl

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I was writing this with my boyfriend^^ But we havent agreed on a title but when we do i will change it^^

Submitted: August 05, 2009

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Submitted: August 05, 2009



There lived a boy and a girl in a far off land, the boy was a strong, handsome knight in
training. He was very skilled with a sword, his master said that he would become a strong sword
master, he would slay dragons and become a king. He lived in the palace, each day
he would draw of dreams he had, he would sit on the roof of the palace and look at the small
village that layed at the base.
Watching the children play.

He wished everyday that just once his father would allow him to go
and visit the village. But his father refused to allow his only son to leave his studies and
visit peasants. So the boy drew the village people, and one girl stood out from the rest,
she was the only one who noticed the boy sit on the roof.

He never really noticed her until he looked at the drawings, she had long beautiful brown hair,
her eyes were green like the leaves on the trees, he didn’t know much of the girl. He wished
he could get to know this girl, so one day he climbed the tree in the courtyard, and
jumped the brick wall.

He was finally free, but he didn’t know what to do now. So he sat in the shade of the tree and
thought of what he should do, when a quiet, shy voice whispered to him, "Hello"

He looked up to see a smiling girl looking down at him, he stared at her and then realized it was
the girl he saw from the village.

"Your the boy who sits on the roof, are you not?"
He stared at her for seconds more and then responded,"Y-yes, hello." She sat next to him,
and looked at the sky, "Is it sading to live alone in the palace?" She looked at him,
"Yes, sometimes, the only thing that makes living there worth while, is my teacher, and my
But I just could not stand to stay there anymore, I am always alone. My father does not allow
me to have friends."

"oh, if you want I can be your friend" She said with
a smile.
"That’s kind of you, but do you know who I am?"
He looked down.
"Of course I do, but that does not matter to

"Oh, well then, my name is Daein."
"Mine is Cisa." They both smiled at each other.

"So I assume you snuck out?" Cisa asked Daein.
"Yea, my father refused to allow me out so, my only option was to sneak out. I’m sure he won't
notice im gone."
"Well than lets go do something" She said as she stood up and smiled at Daein.
"But, what?" He too stood up.

"Well what have you always wanted to do if you were able to leave the palace?"
"I've always wanted to go and see a river, I wanted to draw one." He smiled.
"Ok, I'll take you there. But we have to be careful, a lot of monsters have been seen
somewhere near the river."
"Oh, ok." The walked down the street to the edge of the forest. It looked dark, and had a
feeling that seemed to roll out of it
with the wind.

"You know you don't have to do this." He looked at
"No its ok, I love going by the river, I know my way
though the forest so we should be safe." She
said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her
into the forest.

"So is the river pretty?" He asked as he tried to keep up with her.
"Yea its the most prettiest thing I have ever seen. But I’ve never left this valley before."
"I'll take your word for it." Daein laughed.

Daein let go of Cisa's hand, and stopped. He listened, and heard a nose he had never heard before.
"Cisa? What is that sound?"
She stopped and listened,"Thats the river, we are getting close, its should be a little further
ahead." She smiled.

"Really?" His eyes got big from excitement.
"Yes so lets getting going." Cisa laughed. She grabbed his hand and they started running until,
they came to a clearing, they pushed through the bushs.
"Wow" Daein said as he looked at the scene standing before him.

The scene was many shades of green that seemed to fit together like a puzzle, the sky was clear
and the sun was high in the sky. The blue river was so clear he could see the fish and rocks
laying in it.

He looked at the river bed and saw something shining at the bottom, he reached his hand in and
picked it up. He tossed it from hand to hand, it looked so beautiful. "Cisa? What is this?"
He asked as he held it up to show her.

"Wow that’s a soul stone, there very rare. Its so pretty." Daein looked closer at it, it
was a small crystal that was any orangish red. When the sun hit it, rays of light shined off
it, all the colors of the rainbow.

The rays shined off Cisa's eyes that made them shine which made them look like green emeralds.
She smiled. "I have heard that many man give them to the beloveds. But since there so rare,
its something they treasure." She said to him still gazing at the soul stone.
"Really? That’s interesting." He said as he smiled.

"Oh, didn't you say you wanted to draw a picture of the river?"
"Oh, right. But, I like having people being in the picture." He said.
"If you want I can be in it." She said with a smile.

"O.k." Daein said with a smile. He started drawing the scene, he started by drawing Cisa. When
he was done Cisa looked at it.
"Wow that’s beautiful." It was a picture of a forest with a river flowing in front of it, and a
she sat there with a caring expression on her face, her eyes shined like crystals, her hair
flowed with the wind, her clothes were exactly like the real thing, the light blue dress and the
small white shoes. It looked as if everything fit together perfectly.

"Really?" He said as he blushed.
"Yes its so perfect, it looks as if though the wind will blow out of the picture itself." Cisa
said as she smiled.
Then they heard russling in the bushs, and Daein grabbed Cisa's hand, "I think its time for us
to go now." He said as he pulled her to her feet.
"Oh, ok. It would probly be best if you got home to." The started running towards the village.

But Daein stopped and looked at the sky and saw smoke rising in the distance. They finally leaped
out of the forest and into the village.
Daein and Cisa looked in horror as the looked at the scene before them, the entire village was
burned down.
Cisa tightened her grip on Daein's hand and they slowly walked through the ruins. Everyone was
No blood had been spilled, so Daein thought that the villagers most have been taken to the
palace as prisoners.
He looked at the ground and looked at the prints.

"Daein? What do u think happened?"
"Well it looks like no one was killed in the village, but we need to be on alert. Lets head to
the palace." Cisa nodded in agreement, and they ran towards the palace. The palace looked as if it,
nothing had happened to it, but men were stationed out side where not of any that worked for
Daein's father.

"Lets head in. I will get us both over the wall. So get on." Cisa climbed onto Daein's back,
and Daein climbed up the tree. And jumped the wall. He helped Cisa get off his back and he
pulled her behind him.

"O.k. we need to get to my room. I have something that can help." Daein whispered as they stopped,
at a corner as a man past by. He again pulled her behind him. The stopped as he peaked around a
corner and say that he could not pass.
"Daein, what are we going to do now?"
"Fallow me." They went back till they came to a painting.

Daein Pushed a brick behind the painting and the wall slid to the side and he pushed Cisa in
ahead of him. And they
walked up a stair case and the wall ahead of them opened up. They came into a room that was dark
as night.

He let go of Cisa and walked over to the closet in the corner and pulled out a huge sword with a
green embraled incrusted in it, and a shilver cross in it.

"Oh you might need a weapon to." Daein rummaged through the chest in the closet, Cisa walked over to Daein.
"Actually i don't, I have a weapon of my own."

Cisa stock out her hand and it started to glow, and a hug sword appeared, it looked as if though
it was made of fire. "This is my weapon, it is a spirit sword. It is very powerful. And very

"Wow, ok. Now we have to get to my teacher, he will have a plan. So i will need this." He takes
out a second sword, more great than his. "My teacher entrusted this to me. I am sure he will
have more use for this than I." He pulled Cisa to the hidden stair case.

He slowly headed to the bottom of the stair case, he stopped half way down and looked down and
moved two steps back and pushed another brick. The stairs lifted up to reveal another stair case.
"where does that lead?"
"It leads to the catacombs, or the dungeons. Its where they most likely are keeping everyone."

"Well then lets go." She said as she pushed Daein towards the new stair case. Daein searched
around for something to light for light. Cisa moved her hand around and found an old candle,
and she lit it, and handed it to Daein.
"Here you go."
"Thanks" They finally got to the old catacombs. And heard noses coming from a cell near the door.

They ran to the cells and saw the villagers. And Daein's teacher. "Sir I have come to rescue
everyone, but i will need your as stance. We must over through the men responsible. I have brought
your sword, will you assist us, sir?" He said respectfully and unlocked the cellar door.

"Of course, I will, the leader is Derasavve, he is a cruel man, he may not be easy to beat. He
is residing in the thrown room. He has the king there, and who is this young lady with you?"
He asked as he poked his around Daein to look at Cisa.
"H-hello, my name is Cisa. But no time for introductions, we have to get going." Cisa said,
as she headed for the stair case.

"Is that the girl you are always drawing on the roof?" He whispered to Daein.
"Y-yes." Daein replied as he blushed. Daein looked at Cisa as she lead the way up the stair case.
they got to the main hall without being seen.

"Daein you lead the way." Cisa said as she moved to the side to let Daein go past her.
"O.k. the thrown room is right over there. Ugg. It looks like we will have some difficulty getting in."
Daein said as he pointed to the men standing in front of the doors that lead to the thrown room.

They moved closer and walked out from behind a wall. Daein, Cisa, and his teacher draw there
swords. Cisa cut the heads off of two men and Daein stabbed two others, and his teacher killed
one man with a single blow.

They pushed open the big wooden doors, and saw the king had been slan. His head lay on the floor
and his body limp and motionless. Blood splattered on the floor. Daein clenches his fists and
holds his sword tight.

He charges at Derasavve, to full of rage to care about the fact he is out ranked. He jumps at
Derasavve and spins around him to try to cut his head off from behind, but Derasavve jumps
forward to avoid him.

Cisa sees that Daein needs help, and she jumps at Derasavve, She is able to distract him long
enough for Daein to thrust his sword into Derasavve body and cut off his arm, blood splatters
all over Cisa. Derasavve turns around and draws his sword and thrusts at Daein, but he doges.

Dersavve turns to Cisa and thrusts his sword at her. To slow to doge the blow he cuts her arm
but does not cut it off. Cisa screams in pain and Daein runs to her add. "I'm fine, just finish
it." She says as her sword disappears.

Daein's teacher goes to Cisa to try to help her. Deain turns to Derasavve,"Now you will pay for
your crimes." Daein runs at Derasavve and jumps over him and cuts his back. Derasavve yells in
pain and thrusts his sword at Deain.

Deain is injured by the blow, his shoulder hurt, Deain jumps at his enemy, Deain thrusts his
sword into Dersavve. He pulls the sword up through Derasavve cutting him in half. The blood splatters on everything.
The blood slides down Deains sword.

He looks at Cisa, and runs to her. "Are you alright?" Deain asks with a worried face.
"I'm fine, its not that bad, your the one who is hurt." Cisa says to Deain.

Days later after the slaying of both the king and Derasavve, Deain is to be crowned king.
Cisa is there at the crowing. Deain looks at Cisa and puts something in her hands. "I do
believe you said that men usually give this to there beloved." Deain says with a smile.

Cisa opens her hands and looks at the soul stone they had found days earlier. "I'm glad i
snuck out, cause i met you." Deain says to Cisa. Deain had the stone made into a necklace.
"I am to." Cisa said with a smile on her face.

"So will you be my beloved?" Deain asked Cisa with a smile.
"Of course." Cisa smiles and hugged Deain.

Cisa and Deain live the rest of their lives, loving each other and taking care of those they
love and care about. They role their kingdom together.

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