The Sad Child: Chapter 2

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



Chapter 2
Two years later.
 “Mommy why do I have to go up to grandma and grandpa’s?” Chelsea asked with sad eyes.
 “Because honey grandma and grandpa want to see you, and when you come back you’ll have a new room.” Trudy responded with a smirk.
 “Ok mommy, I’m gana miss you.” She said with tear filled eyes.
 “I’ll miss you to honey, but I’ll see you soon.” She said as she hugged young Chelsea.
 “Bye-bye mommy, I voe you.”
 “I love you, too.”
 “Chelsea! Cassandra! We’re here.” Their grandparents said as they approached them in the parking lot of the Meijer’s lot. “Well we got to be heading out, we need to make a few stops on the way home.”
 “Ok, let me just say goodbye.” Trudy said as she moved turned Cassandra and Chelsea.
 “Bye mommy.”
 “Bye mommy.”
 “Bye Cassandra, bye Chelsea.” Chelsea took her grandfathers hand and walked to the small car parked near them. She looked back at her mother with sad eyes, wondering why most I leave my mom?

 Chelsea stared out the car window watching the trees and the wilderness go by at incredible speed. She looked over at her sister and saw she was sleeping and she looked over at her grandpa, who was looking back to check on them. He asked, “Everything alright back there?”
 “Yea… Grandpa?”
 “Why couldn’t I stay with mommy?” She said as she looked out the window.
 “Because we want you up here for a while to spend time with us, and your mommy is looking for a new home for you.”
 “Why? Was something wrong with our old home?”
 “No, but your mommy thinks its better to move new places to meet new friend.” He said as he smiled. He saw she wasn’t smiling so he played his You better not smile trick. “You better not smile Chelsea.” He kept repeating it until she smiled at him from amusement.

The arrived at the house and she stepped out and smelled the air, she knew it was better out here. She walked over to the path into the forest and looked at her grandmothers flowers that she took so much pride in. “Grandma your flowers look so pretty this year.” She said as she spun around and smiled.
 “Thank you, we are even getting in roses and blackberries.” Her grandmother said as she pointed towards the rose bush and over to the tree where the blackberries blossom at on the slop.
 “Really? If me and ‘Sandra pick some blackberries will you make a pie?” She asked with excitement burning in her at the thought of pie.
 “Well sure, we can have it tomorrow for desert and have the pumpkin pie tonight” She  responded with a smirks, knowing how much Chelsea adored pumpkin pie.
 “Yay!!!!” She yelled as she licked her lips.

The Next month

“What is that grandma?” Cassandra asked pointing at a yellow thing sitting on the counter.
She laughed and replied, “Cassandra that’s a Squash that I picked from the garden.”
 “It looks funny. Why are you cutting it up?”
 “Its so that we can eat it with dinner tonight.” She replied without looking away from her work.
 “It looks so icky. But I guess I’m goanna have to eat some of it eat I?” She asked with a discus tied look on her face.
 “Yes. Now if you want to help, go and help Chelsea clean potatoes‘.”

After dinner
“Grandma can I go outside?” Chelsea asked.
 “Sure just don’t get to dirty.” Chelsea sprinted outside and walked over to the woods and started walking the path in front of her, tell she came a crossed a small path curving away from the main one. She had been down this path before with her grandfather when she was just a little younger but she couldn’t remember where it was when she looked for it. She walked down it and the trees turned into a canape and shaded the path, she then came a crossed a large oak tree with a clearing under it. She sat down and stared at the cloudy blue sky.
“This is something I should keep to myself.” She smiled and got up and walked back to the house.

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