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Durable no matter life's changes

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



As I look down at the past

I look up at what is yet to come.

This change is for the better this

change while I'm young.


Good change is taking it's time and

good change has just begun.  Even if

the desire was there, I can't go back

now,  what's done is done.


Now is not the time for nostalgia now

is not the time to focus on what went wrong.

Darling come along.


Walk with strife

pick up your pride

get on track before your depression comes back.


Stop dreaming, this is reality.  Life is testing

your durability, do you feel the resistance?  Do

you feel anything at all?


I wouldn't say you're broken I would just say you're

ready to fall, beyond numb to the core, sweet



Look into my eyes do you see something more.  These

eyes, these eyes have been through hell, don't be


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