So you think I'm cute?

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Just something to think about

Submitted: September 30, 2014

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Submitted: September 30, 2014



When I was in middle school, I watched a beauty pageant on TV, where one of the contestants said how hard it was for her to be taken seriously because she was so beautiful, and naturally, I rolled my eyes. If your biggest problem is being too pretty then I think you should enjoy the life you have.

I used to always think that I would never have this problem. I always saw society as people who were smart and filled with substance versus people who were beautiful. I thought that’s how the world worked, surely Jessica Simpson can’t be beautiful and smart, and she did call tuna, chicken, after all. But that’s my point. We grow up in a society where you cannot simply be beautiful and smart, if that’s the case then there’s some other thing that’s wrong with them.

Recently, I’ve been noticing how the term, cute, has been used by others to define who I am; and I’ve accepted it fully. My inner-chubby-brace face-self is beaming. However, phrases such as, “You’re just so cute I wasn’t expecting you to say that,” or “You’re so pretty that you don’t even really have to work as hard as the rest of us.” These phrases, while they may seem harmless, are disrespectful. My physical appearance should not dictate what words I know nor how hard I work or what I’m capable of.

Physical appearance isn’t who you are. It’s called physical for a reason. There isn’t anything about my face that tells you who I am, how hard I work, or what I’ve overcame.

Think before you say words that could potentially hinder someone’s work ethic based solely on your own perception of who they are. 

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