Just Don't Let Go

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A poem about love and war

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



The moon lit beach lit up at night
Hand-in-hand couples in every sight

I can't help but wish that you were here
Hand-in-hand with me along the pier

Remember the walks we used to take
Before you left for others' sakes?

We would kiss and love beneath the stars
It was the bliss that we were proud to call ours

My one true love, you'll always be
Forever with you is what I foresee

While gone away for our country defending
Be careful because, on you I'm depending

Sad because you're gone, I try to make myself feel better
By sealing and stamping an imaginary letter

Dear love of mine, it will begin to say
You left me here one year ago today
You're gone away and risking your life
You're fighting someone else's fight
Your soul is brave and pure and strong
I just feel as though, it's here you belong
Although I'm very proud of you
I'm selfish because, I need you too
You're my heart, my pride and my joy
I've loved you since you were just a boy
So, when you're finished away at war
I'll be waiting for you at our front door

My mind is stuck where we said "I do"
"I'm forever yours, forever true"

You're my light, my peace and above all my love
And the light in you, I'm feeling deprived of

It pains me to even turn on the news
Going away was such a noble thing to choose

At night I always see your face
Smiling at me and bringing me to grace

Sometimes I wonder if you look at the sky
Whenever you hear the battle cry

Know when you look up next, my sweet, brave man
I'm thinking about you every second I can

I know that God has a special place for you
I pray at night that he will get you through

Dear lord in heaven, I'll close my eyes and say
Look after my husband while he is away
Please send your angels down to surround
Please keep his feet firmly placed on the ground
Please help him make the best decisions
Please help his heart and mind stay stationed
Please keep all danger and evil far back
Please provide vision while the sky is black
Help him to always try to stay strong
Help him to do his best to get along
So, while he's scared and all alone
Help assure him that he'll get home

When I see the couples, holding hands at night
I remember that you are fighting the fight

I still come down, at night to the pier
To remember the times we had when you were here

Staring out at the water, I find
Clears the sadness out of my mind

I know how much you love me too
Which makes time easier for me to get through

I'll hold my head high, and proudly in love
It's you that I need, when push comes to shove

You're doing something so wonderful and pure
Although, I'm sure it's a lot to endure

My heart is yours, which you already know
It will be okay, just don't let go


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