Over the Moon

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A poem to inspire

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



Hey little girl with that infectious smile
Come sit down and chat for awhile

It means a lot to talk to you
As a child, I needed words that were true

The world is not all bad, but it's getting worse
Having a good mind today is more of a curse

Honesty and integrity is so hard to find
So, take heed now and use your mind

It's so good to see that you're still innocent and pure
When you grow up the world will be a lot to endure

Let me tell you though, while you're maturing fast
Life as you know it, will never last

With the toxic minds and media around you
Staying true to yourself will become harder to do

For you it is harder, than it ever was for me
Hold on to your morals and eventually you'll see...

That life is a blessing
The stars always shine
Stop second guessing
Because this is your time
You're a rose not a thorn
There's a reason you were born

So, shoot so high you'll fly over the moon

Hey little boy with your eyes so bright
I will tell you how to keep your goals in sight

Never stop trying to be what you can
Having a good heart is all that makes you a man

When you're offered many of life's temptations
I hope your morals and heart stay stationed

When you fall in love one day with a girl
Make sure her heart is as precious as a pearl

When the other boys surrender their dreams
Make sure the light in you still beams

When you're lost for words with an aching heart
Remember it is your job to stay smart

If your world around you comes crumbling down
Make sure the world seldom sees you frown

This life of yours if what you make it
The more truths you tell, the less you'll fake it

Your pride is yours
But, sometimes let it go
Your personality soars
It's yours not to blow
Your heart is gold
..and someday you'll get old

So, shoot so high you'll fly over the moon

Hey mother of four struggling to survive
Although it seems hard, you'll make it out alive

There is no greater love than the love of a mom
When the temprature rises, know how to stay calm

Your children will react to everything you do
Your words and actions will need to remain true

Just always know when push comes to shove
The lord is always watching above

Stay positive and you'll find that's the key
When you realize this, you'll finally be free

When you get the chance, think of those worse off
Realize that life is really quite soft

Your children and you are number one
Remember that your life can be fun

You should flush all of your worries down the drain
You'll find that what will go away is your pain

Your life passed so fast
You've had so much to do
When you feel about to crash
Always stay true
It's not over yet
... andyou'll suprise them I bet

So, shoot so high you'll fly over the moon

Positivity and stregnth take time to acquire
When you conclude this it's you they'll admire

Hold your head up high
Take the time to try
On days that it's rough
Think of times that were tough
Move yourself on ahead
Pull that thread

And shoot so high you'll fly over the moon

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