Patience is a Virtue (For you)

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My own love story as a poem

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



On that very first night, you had me mezmerized
My life had changed for the very first time
Your life was warm, your ways were different
I had no idea how fast I'd be drawn in
You were so strangely new from the boys I'd known before
Your eyes said, "Stay, and my heart will grow more"

I fell, I fell hard. You didn't.

As time went by, slowly but surely-
I'd watch as your life unfolded before me
And I was your friend and nothing much more
I'd see the girls pass two by four
So, I'd keep my chin up
Fake smile wired tight
Holding back the words "I love you" that I'd wanted to say-
Since the very first night

I was falling, falling hard. You weren't.

A year or so later- I could no longer take it
I told you that I could no longer fake it
I told you "I need you"
I told you "I care"
I told you "I want you, I need you to be there"
I said "Enough games, and I know we're just friends, but it's got to the point where it has to end"
You looked me in the eye and held me tightly
At a loss for words and trembling slightly
You drew in a breath and started to speak
A few tears formed and you said to me-
"You know I feel the way you do too, but at this point in my life it's not right to do- I do need you, and I do care.
Patience is a virtue, and I need you to be aware-
Love is in our cards, but not right now
My feet aren't firmly placed on the ground
I want to live for a while and make my mistakes-
So when I come to you, I'll have learned my life lessons and you'll no longer ache.
I want it to be perfect
You'll be my Queen and I'll be your King
I really hope your understand what I mean."

I had fallen, fallen hard. He was starting.

It was hard for me to stick around, but it was harder for me to not
I was lovestruck, aching and over powered by his strong-willed thought
I wanted to just walk away-
Everyone in my life told me to just walk away-
What would have happened if I had have just walked away?
Day by day, week by week, month by month-
"I'll make it through this" I told my self everyday
"He feels the same way... Just wait, patience is a virtue" I'd say
New fears were forming day after day
Making it harder and harder to stay
Wishing and dreaming of when the day would come
I was starting to feel internally numb

I was falling, still falling. Was he?

Just when sadness had taken over
You called me one night, and you were hardly sober
You were at a bar with some friends
listening to a band and you said,
"I was thinking of you when this song came on"
Before I knew it you were gone
But, I laid in bed giddy, and smiling at 2 a.m
Thinking I'd need a cardiogram
He really was thinking of me too
Was the day about to come soon?

I was falling, falling so hard. I think he was beginning to.

My phone started ringing with requests for dinner and movies and more
My friend card was running paper thin, as you know, I'm sure
Heart racing
Mind spinning
Laughter, and playing with the man I love
I was thinking that someone was looking out for me above
I couldn't tell him that I loved him
It was to soon, in that idea, I'd stick a pin
Besides, I was happy and what is life without being happy?

I had fallen so far there was no getting back up. He's falling too.

Spending day after day together had become like a dream
I was head over heals for him, and together we made the best team
Were we boyfriend and girlfriend? No, not yet.
Had I asked about it? A billion times, I bet.
So, I go to my mothers to visit for a week
Hoping that without me he might feel weak
That night, a suprise
It brought tears to my eyes
He came to his senses
He pulled down his fences
He pulled me in close
He gave me a rose
He said
"I want you to be my girlfriend. But, I want to take things slow.
I thought I could live without you, but it turns out I can't let you go.
You're my princess for now
But, one day my queen
I care for you so much
Please know what I mean."
I smiled so big, I could not contain it
A princess to me seemed to wonderful to explain it

I had fallen. So had he.

A few months later, and here's the best part
He came home from work with a bag and a heart
He told me to open it
...and inside was a dress
He told me to wear it and to dress to impress
He said we were going on a fancy date
...and that it was a special occasion and that he just couldn't wait
We went for a nice dinner with some lovely red wine
He told me I was beautiful and that my eyes they did shine
For a walk on the beach, after dinner we went
Sat on on peir, and the sun we watched set
His arm around me
My head on his shoulder
When out of my purse he pulled a folder
"Open it" he said, and so I did
Inside of it was a letter to me he had hid
"Dear Kailan" it was titled, and it went on to say
"I love you so much, I can't live without you another day"
...and so we cried together and exchanged "I love you's"
I'm happy I waited, and paitence is a virtue.

We've both fallen, so hard.
The end.

By: Kailan McGee

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