Seashells (Mental Notes)

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A poem about love and loss

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



When I saw the seashells by the seashore
I daydreamed of skies, and birds that soar

My mind adrift like the floating boats
I was looking back on my mental notes

The grains of sand between my toes
Reminds me of your simple clothes

Your dark brown eyes and twisted smile,
Always set me back for awhile

The skies above, so clear and blue
Just like the love, that once we knew

The charm you have, without even trying-
Your humour is about you, as you love varifying

The wave sounds on the shore all sound the same
Sending me to the place where you once said my name

As I look along the beach I see countless footprints
I guess I should have been aware of loves little hints

We loved like we'd lost
Cause' our lives were to unfold
But sooner or later-
You weren't mine to hold
We didn't leave it-
We loved it
We didn't push it-
We shoved it

...And now I'm alone with the seashells

Theres something about the water like glass on the shore
That makes me think I could have done more

How did it happen? Seventeen years old
Wishful thinking and personalities bold

Just like the little fish in the big, new sea
Full of new possibilities for you and me

Crystal waters and endlessly deep
One of us has to take the leap

A new beginning in fresh summer air
I would never have wanted to be elsewhere

Laying in the grass with you holding me tight
Nothing had ever felt so right

Laughter and playing, so young, so real
Unstoppable together and perfectly ideal

To my mother you were my irresponsible choice
But, with you I felt that I had a voice

To my father you were taking away his little girl
To me you were my shining pearl

A mix of summer air and loves magic wand
Had my heart growing more and more fond

We loved everyday
In our love we found perfection
With you by my side
I felt love's infection
When we danced-
We romanced
When we kissed-
We reminisced

...And now I'm alone with the seashells

With autumn approaching and summers' end
You spoke the words that I could not apprehend

"I loved you once, we both can't deny
But it's over now, we must say good-bye

I will always and forever cherish my time with you
But, I need you to know that I met someone new

She makes me happy, and she makes me smile
This news has been coming for quite awhile."

I took in the news like an arrow through my heart
I could never have imagined being apart

I took a deep breath, and calmed myself down
On a big bed of pillows I wanted to drown

"If it was something I did wrong, I'll try to fix it
I've been to often attached, I'll admit it

All of my summer time, with you, I wanted to spend
Are you sure theres nothing left to mend?

I hope you will consider that I love you so-
Please don't leave I can't let you go."

"It's not you-
It's me
For a while-
Let me be."
Did I cry?
A piece of me died
A heartbreak?
I internally ached

...And now I'm alone with the seashells

It took a while for me to understand
But grass is greener on others' land

You were fading away, like the sand with the tide
Yet, I still feel so sad inside

Broken shells, in pieces like my heart
Looking back, learning my lessons was a start

Make sure you know just how deep you're in
Be sure, with love, you always win

Hold on to what matters with all of your might
Hope, try and pray until it ignites

Be humble, kind and yourself through everything
Being true to yourself is the most important thing

If it's true love, please don't ever let it go
If you get the chance, please let it grow

Cherish each moment-
Love through and through
Save your smile-
Cause' the sky is still blue
When you love-
Love wholly
When you dream
Dream slowly...

You're a memory now, and instead of wedding bells...
I find myself all alone with the seashells.

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