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This is a poem I wrote when I was sitting in math class, and my math teaher used the name 'Frank' in an example. Remembering Donnie Darko, and feeling horribly depressed, I quickly wrote a poem in my poetry notebook. And this is that exact same poem, uneditted thus far. Thank you.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



Stab the mirror

Once again

Look into the eyes

Of your one true friend


Show you the world

The way I see

You and me

And Him makes 3



To dumb me down

Won’t have a hope

Of saving me now


Room is cold

And so is my heart

We’ll all end

The way we start



In my own eyes

I can’t tell the truth

From these shadowed lies


Answers are

Just out of reach

So much to learn

But no one left to teach


In front of me

But never there

Condemned to

This mind we share


Hello, goodbye

No, it’s too late

The world has shown me

My true fate


No more pain,

And no more love

Just like the world

We were dreaming of


Jet airplanes,

The sound of screams

Will show you what

Life truly means

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