Tell The Truth

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This is a poem I wrote for someone I fell in love with that hurt me really bad. Enjoy.

Submitted: May 09, 2011

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Submitted: May 09, 2011



Wake me up

From your dream.

Damn these thoughts that make me scream.

Tell the truth,

I'm sick of lies.

Are you really and truly in love tonight?

Fire burns

And cuts infect.

I was born to serve and protect.

You're a demon

In disguise

Sent to feed me tear-stained lies.

"I miss you, baby,

Please come home."

I've never felt so damn alone.

Tell the truth,

I'm tired of lies.

Baby, I'm not coming home tonight.


Sold my soul to see your face,

Crossed my heart to be replaced.

I'm sick of love, I'm sick of hate,

I'm sick of life, but I'm too late.


Turn on the dark,

I'm scared of light.

Just wish you could understand my plight.

Hold my hand

And slay my fears.

Just don't look back, and dry your tears.

Sick of you

Sick of me

Sick of being in between.

Tell me lies

To evade the truth.

I swear, little one, I'm not through with you.

Afraid to fee

I should have known

That you would leave me all alone.

Hold my breath

Cut the lights

See you on the other side.


I'm screaming that I'm not okay,

So why did you leave me anyway?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Who's that ugly know-it-all?


I'm too young

To be this old

I won't understand, or so I'm told.

Tell the truth

Don't be afraid

Did you think I'd fall for that again?

Witch's eyes

In that lovely face.

Sometimes I miss your cold embrace.

It's getting old

It's wearing thin

But I promise you, I won't give in.


I'll tell the truth,

Unlike you.

Baby, I'm thankful for what you've put me through.

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